Best place to sell my jewelry in Miami


Do you need some cash to meet up with your financial need? If yes, the old unwanted jewelry in the drawer or box can fetch you some cool money. To sell them, you have to know their worth. The most important step is to get an appraisal. An appraisal will let you know its value. For instance, if you want to sell engagement ring Miami from an ex, visit a local dealer near you. Some jewel charges some fee for her appraisal while others are free. Brilliance Jewel is one of thesell jewelry Miami dealers that offer a free appraisal. Our professional jewelers will value your jewelry for free. Instant cash out is guaranteed on your diamond. Contact us today for a free jewelry appraisal.

Best Site to sell Cartier Miami 

There are a lot of complaints from people that use sell my jewelry online service. Most online dealers fail to make full payment for such jewelry or do not return the jewelry whenever the seller does not accept their offer. Before selling your diamond, read feedbacks on the dealer website to learn more about their reputation. Decide whether such dealer offers free shipping and delivery. Sell my jewelry is best done by visiting the dealer in person. You can easily walk away with your diamond if you are not cool with the offer.

To avoid this huge mistake, sell your jewelry with a reputable jewel. We have built our reputation offer the years in South Florida by offering the best sell my jewelry services. Get the best value for your diamond by visiting us in Seyhold building. Let us buy your jewelry at the best price. Sell Rolex Miamitoday at the best price at our location.

Sell to Jewel in person

The best way to sell jewelry is to sell in person. There are a lot of sell my jewelry media today. Among available options are local shops, pawnshops, and Jewelers. Walk into our Jewel today and let our professional jewelers examine your jewelry to decide its price for free. Or mail us to book an appointment with us. We know the real value of jewelry that is the reason why we buy at a competitive price. Submit your contact on our Site to schedule an appointment or come done to our location in South Florida to get instant cash from the best sell my Cartier jewelry in Miami.

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An ultimate guide to buy moissanite wedding rings


Choosing an engagement ring is a daunting task because it requires a lot of color and style matching. It is something that both the love birds will cherish throughout their lives and will wear it on a regular basis. Moissanite vs. Diamonds; which one you should buy? This is one of the universal questions coming up from almost all the customers. To choose the metal, it is essential to know their basic differences. Appearance-wise, moissanite looks similar to diamond but chemical compositions are different. There are a lot of differences in their cost, value and durability. A Wedding is a special day for everyone and hence, it is always good to buy engagement rings made up of moissanite. Though the price is lower than a diamond, you will never regret your decision.

Here are few steps that will guide you on buying the best moissanite engagement rings. Before discussing the steps, let us take a look at the 4C’s of Moissanite –

  • Cut– It is similar to shapes, patterns, proportions or symmetry. This is an important part because the shape will determine the light reflection from the stone.
  • Color– As far as the color options are concerned, it is available in 2 colors only- colorless and near-colorless. This precious stone will never fade its shade.
  • Character– Every moissanite piece has a personal unique character which makes it exceptional from the other metals.
  • Conscience– When you are opting Moissanite for an engagement ring, you are indulging yourself in making a sound decision.

To buy the best Moissanite engagement rings, one should consider the following factors:

  • Determine the budget– It is ok if a person is unable to spend a huge lump sum amount all together on engagement rings. Feel free to spend whatever is possible for you. There is no need for breaking the wallet. Wedding dates are fixed at least one year in advance. As mentioned earlier, moissanite is less expensive than diamonds. The appearance is more or less similar to that of diamond. So a person can easily afford to buy moissanite rings.
  • Consider the shape of the gemstones– These gemstones are available in different shapes and sizes like round, oval, pear, radiant, cushion, emerald etc. Choosing the right shape is a very crucial thing when buying engagement rings. It has been found that men prefer emerald or oval shapes and in case of women, they like cushion or round shapes. However, the taste and choice may vary. Your fiancé may like some other cuts. Engagement ring is a precious thing for the beloved so it is important to keep his/her preferences in mind before choosing the shape.
  • Choose the metal type– This decision will depend on whether you like the classic old-style or modern ones. The choices of metal consist of rose gold, yellow gold, and mixed gold. Rose gold is the most versatile and modern choices of metal. Whereas yellow gold is the most common one.

Once you have finally decided on the metals, the last and final step is to choose the band style. Just by keeping a note on the above factors, one can easily buy a moissanite ring for engagement.

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Why Fake Diamond Rings Are Finding So Many Takers In Present Times?

Fake diamond rings from Luxuria

The answer to this question is certainly not the economic one, as you might think! Fake diamond rings are being preferred by the buyers who have made up their minds to propose their partners. How these are helpful? Let’s find out.

  • Helps keeping surprise element intact

Proposing while on a trip to an exotic location, or over yacht trip and other fascinating fairytale-like situations have one thing in common – surprise! So, surprising the beloved need not drill a hole in your pocket. You can plan the perfect proposal with fake ring and give the moment all the excitement it deserves.

  • To give in to the excitement of moment of proposal and do intelligentshopping later

Women are more specific about their jewellery choices. Reading woman’s mind and understanding their choices has anyways never been easy. So, with ring featuring fake diamonds, you can have your fun, and take the girl afterwards to buy ‘forever ring’ with her consent included in the shopping process.

  • To avoid risk of loss during travelling

When you travel to an exotic location in the world, you certainly have lot of things to worry about. Taking care of a small thing like ring can drive you mad completely. So, to make things easier and not to act like a detective all the time, you can simply take along an engagement ring with fake diamonds and enjoy the trip better.

  • To get dressed perfectly in a budget

When you want to look your best by complementing your dress with impressive jewellery, fake diamonds ring can be used. This helps you shine through the occasion without breaking the deposits. You can enjoy the party better without worrying about the safety of the self and the jewellery.

So, these are some of the reasons that have added to the rising demand of artificial diamond rings in the recent times. 

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Whereabouts And Utilisation Of Good Quality Affordable Moissanite Rings In NYC


An ornament is one of the favorite things for all irrespective of their age. In particular women of any ages, eight to eighty adore ornaments the most. Among ornaments, rings are the ones that have got immense cultural and social values alongside with many other pieces. Rings are considered auspicious too. In line with this latest addition in the arsenal of rings is the Affordable Moissanite Rings. Made with the latest design and technology these rings are the perfect example of ardent craftsmanship and artistic vigor. In this article, we will try to gain some insight into the Moissanite Rings NYC.

Solutions to the question what is a Moissanite Ring?

Compared to general motion it is of the fact that Moissanite is not a substitute if diamond, not it is a fake diamond. It is true that their appearance and that of diamonds are comparable but they are nothing alike. Both of them have their feature and they are unique in themselves. Moissanite is a gemstone initially found in a meteor cavity generally in the upper strata. Or sometimes that are fond of very rare earth rocks. So they are very rare to be found in nature. It is for this reason that most of the Moissanite Rings NYC are crafted in the laboratory with the utmost care when they are compared with diamonds both clear and sparkly. Moissanite is made of the mineral silicon carbide. Solid covalent bonds bind together the crystalline structure just as they are found in diamonds.

When it comes to comparison with diamond look like

 In any case, moissanite is certifiably not a phony precious stone and shouldn’t be thought of as one. It’s an excellent gemstone in its own right. Due to its resemblance with diamond, they are in this time most sought after jewellery for newlyweds or engagement rings or for as an artefact to express ardent love. Affordable Moissanite Rings have become more popular as they are completely environment friendly. There is no polluting activity like mining and extraction needed for them as they are mostly created in laboratories using strict guidelines. For those limited amount that are available in nature, it is very easy to generally collect them.

Shedding some light on Production of Moissanite Rings NYC

Moissanite in nature is very uncommon, to such an extent that all moissanite available is lab-made. Normally appearing product is just found in a couple of spots in upper mantle rocks and for the most part in shooting stars. This association with space is the reason this stone is now and then called in the lovable nickname of ‘stardust’. These materials are generally hard and ready to withstand high weight and temperatures. But most of the people generally think of this Affordable Moissanite Rings as a jewel. But there is no need to think of it like a jewel.  Moissanite isn’t a jewel. This is a long way from it. While it might resemble a precious stone, moissanite and a jewel are altogether different in pretty much every viewpoint.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Under 500,Cheap Engagement Ring | BBBGEM

Use of Affordable Moissanite Rings as jewelry

With regards to wedding bands, it appears that jewels are the default alternative. It’s not hard to perceive any reason why these stones are so in favor. They are solid, splendid, up-to-date and lofty. Be that as it may, purchasing a jewel wedding band is certainly not a feasible choice for everybody. Some fundamental issues for some, couples are the strong value point just as the worries encompassing supportability and moral mining. In the event that, out of the blue, you need the precious stone look however not simply the jewel, your most logical option is to look at a jewel simulant. Of the numerous simulants accessible available, Moissanite Rings NYC is the most mainstream. It is fundamentally the same as precious stones as far as appearance and toughness and an expanding number of couples are turning towards this stone.

Praising the Moissanite as a mainstream ornament

Affordable Moissanite Rings for some people is one the best Jewels available and their concept is to have a Moissanite Ring is the most Brilliant Jewel. Moissanite Rings can be worn every day keeping the stone forever like your relationship.  They are the most pockets friendly. As compared to diamond solitaire they normally come at one-tenth of their prices. So you would now be able to set aside a ton of cash from your Ring and put resources into arranging a superior excursion or something. Moissanite Rings NYC has the advantage of configuring themselves in every shape the buyer wants as indicated by their necessities.

Making of a beautiful ring out if the raw moissanite

The procedure is protracted, confounded and costly, which restrains the yield. Sometimes for most of the cases, it can range up to a few months for the formation of a Moissanite Rings NYC. Using the best assembling is the procedure and long periods of ability in making the gemstone. Post creation, all the products experiences strict and thorough testing for quality and virtue, alongside various rounds of reviewing before being discharged and make its way to the showroom for purchase.

Some suggestions for choosing the Affordable Moissanite Rings over the diamond

Moissanite is equipped with a higher refractive index compared to diamonds. As they are crafted in the laboratory they generally possess much more elevated levels of brightness and vigor than naturally occurring diamond. But as they are artificially created they will show a rainbow effect compared to the diamond when they are subjected to natural light. Charles and Colvard is the main source for moissanite ring when you want to buy through online.

The rainbow effect

This may be considered to be their flaw. Bigger the artifact is bigger will be the rainbow effect. While a few people love the beautiful flashes of moissanite, others feel that it makes the stone look ‘counterfeit’. To stay away from this present, it’s ideal to go for littler stones and to see the Moissanite Rings NYC in presence of various light sources preceding purchasing.

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5 Reasons to Wear Silver Jewellery


Jewelery is one of the best things for girls. Any kind of jewelery received as a gift is a delight. But there is a reason behind wearing SILVER JEWELRY. Want to know what are the best reasons to wear silver jewelery? Silver jewelery is a beautiful accessory that enhances a woman’s beauty and style. With versatile pieces and a good price, you can make several combinations with various styles of clothing.

Reasons for You to Wear Silver Jewelery and Love!

If you haven’t yet surrendered to this style, then Read this article. We have separated 5 reasons to wear silver jewelery that will quickly convince you! Check out:

  • Match with Any Style – Silver jewelery goes with everything! The colouring of silver is able to enhance the beauty of your look in a unique way.
  • All Elegance For You – silver Jewelry provides incredible elegance. You can make the look of work, college or that party that you have been waiting for even more interesting. An excellent option is the bracelet of charms. It is possible to compose small collections of pendants that tell its history and personality.
  • Combine With Other Jewels – You can make beautiful combinations with jewelery from other materials without fear! How about betting on bracelets and investing in gold, rhodium and fabric bracelets along with your silver bracelet with trinkets? You can make the combination even more beautiful by wearing bracelets and rings with a beautiful watch.
  • Transmits Good Energies – The colours and essences of nature are capable of transmitting sensations and silver is no different. This precious metal is known for its great power to align the functioning of the astral and physical body, improving digestive and intestinal functioning, according to experts. This is an excellent reason to prefer silver jewelery.
  • Affordable Price – Silver is a precious metal with affordable value for many pockets. If you are looking for beautiful silver jewelery and a great value, search internet for the best store for you to enjoy the versatility of silver in the shapes of bracelets, rings, all at a fair price and with great quality!

We hope our article will help you to know something about silver jewelery, such as: Importance of this jewelery, benefits of using this jewelery, and where to use this jewelery. Did you like the reasons for wearing silver jewelery? If yes, take the opportunity to visit in a branded shop where you will get various collections of silver trinkets and become even more beautiful!

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Jewellery Trends For Spring 2020- Vintage Is In This Season


Now that winter is officially over and spring is upon us here in the UK, we can shrug off the cold and start gearing up for the warmer weather. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Not only is spring a time for rebirth, but it’s also the time of year when fashion’s top designers launch their new spring looks and the look for this season is vintage modern with a bit of retro thrown in.

The throwback look is trending and we are seeing more and more people shopping for vintage diamond rings as a result. Vintage jewellery is always a stylish choice, but top designers are adding an old cut diamond ring to a retro look to add authenticity and consumers are loving it.

Having said that, we are going to take a look at some of the spring jewellery trends that you can expect to see this season.

Jewellery Trends For Spring 2020

Modern Retro Pearls- modern retro pearl jewellery is trending this spring and they include small polished pearls, sculptural ear cuffs and asymmetrical earring sets.

Colourful Jewels- the vintage modern look has renewed interest in the colourfully jewelled pendants, rings and broches of the past. Consumers are flocking to vintage jewellery dealers to find baroque and decadent pieces to create a colourful spring look.

Vintage Diamond Ring- there’s something unexpected and avant-garde about wearing a vintage diamond ring. A vintage diamond ring makes its own statement and shows style and sophistication while bringing any look together. You can find a wide selection of beautifully designed vintage diamond rings at Friar House.

Antique Engagement Ring- spring is wedding season and many couples are choosing an antique engagement ring to signify their love and adoration. You add a matching antique eternity ring later as an anniversary gift.

Chokers- chokers are coming back this season and, although they aren’t as vintage as some antique jewellery, chokers certainly are retro. This year, we will get “statement chokers” with gold curves that go around the neck, giving them an updated look.

Contact Friar House

To learn more about vintage and antique diamonds, contact Friar House and shop a wide selection of beautifully designed vintage diamond rings and antique engagement rings today.

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites.

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Why people choose lab-grown diamonds over mined ones?


Are you looking for real-value diamonds? Well, in that case nothing can be the best option other than lab grown diamond. Many popular jewellers are not using these unbelievable genuine diamonds for making different forms of jewellery pieces. These kinds of jewelleries can be now worn at varied auspicious occasions or special events.

Do you really think lab-grown diamonds are great investments?

A lab grown diamond signifies purity along with an improved quality. These diamonds are much purer than stones being mined naturally and this is the very reason most people find them as one of the best investments. The value of these diamonds will grow steadily and slowly and this is how your asset reserve will get complimented if you keep them with you. They are elegant and sophisticated in look and they also upgrade your taste for diamonds.

The best part is that these diamonds are completely affordable and thus you do not require thinking again and again whether to buy them or not. Their availability in varied colours is another point that can hold back your interest. They are not only sustainable but are very eco-friendly in nature as well. They are completely natural and thus they are continuously replacing the need for synthetic diamonds these days.

They are now considered as conflict-free diamonds. If you have been recommended wearing astrological diamonds then also you can choose them as the best option. Since they are completely vegan in nature therefore people are relying more n them rather than mined ones. Diamond growers are now using renewable energies for growing diamonds. The toughest labour of mining has reduced to a great extent with the commencement of these kinds of sustainable diamonds.

They are extremely polished and are comparatively larger in size. Only luxury diamond retailers usually deal with these diamonds and therefore you should choose the seller very carefully. They basically give positive energies to the human beings and thus you can slowly experience progress in your life and career if you have these diamonds. Nowadays, almost every diamond collector wants to have them in their reserve.

Many fashion and bridal jewelleries are getting prepared with the use of these colourful diamonds. They can be now easily customized as per your requirement or demand. They are usually grown under extremely controlled and protected laboratory environments. Unwanted air pollution never happens with the harvesting of these kinds of diamonds.

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Similar to garments, and a few other style trends, there is some fashion jewelry that will never go out of style.

For instance some jewelry items like real gold womens chains , tennis bracelets, diamond stud an hoop earrings as well as diamond rings are classics that will always stay in trend.

Nonetheless, a few of these popular jewelry trends are both modern as well as classic. Have a look and see what you wish to integrate right into your wardrobe.

  • Chunky, Oversized Chains

If you were young in the ’80s, you possibly saw your mom wear some “extravagant” large chains.

Well, think about that? This pattern is back as well as going strong. Particularly this autumn, designers are laying them on thick.

If you’ve currently got some, hang onto them. God knows this fad might come back around once again when your daughters are older. Or else you need to beg to your mommy for her authentic 80s collection.

  • Crystal Light Fixture Earrings

It is the season to use that oh-so-shimmery chandelier jewelry as well as look attractive at all the approaching holiday celebrations.

A jewelry fad that was presented is fringed crystals are much from on the outs. This design is enjoyable, as well as appealing.

The perfect night-out earrings, it’s clear that crystal light fixture earrings are preferred for the autumn as well as winter. You can also opt for diamond stud earrings.


  • Ear Armor

This earrings trend looks precisely how it seems. Warm on the runways this fall is earrings that cover a good portion of the ear itself. This glossy, glamorous, “shield” conceals the majority of the ear helix.

Some ear shield sets hang low off the ear too. You can locate sets that consist of pearls, tassels, or chains. The boldest styles are crucially silver or gold molds of the whole ear.

But, you use your ear shield, simply to make sure that you are wearing a well-fitted pair—no use of wearing beautiful jewelry if you cannot hear the praises on them.

  • Glittering Collars

Versace has contributed greatly with shinning chokers of all sizes and shapes. Yes, there were some “punk” collars consisted of in the programs this year, but these glittering, womanly chokers were the show-stopper.

If gemstones, as well as jewels, are your strength, then these beautiful pendants are a wonderful go-to design this fall. Every little thing from large crystals, to v-line danglers, glimmering collars are the new “statement” necklace.

The wonderful thing is, you can couple them with a square neckline for everyday outfits, or you can wear them for elegant nights out.

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Latest Types of earrings Every Woman Must Know

Lucinda Sky Elle Russia Fall/Winter 2016

Be it the simple gold necklace designs or intricate and heavy rings, women love jewellery. One jewellery piece that makes a perfect accessory for almost all events is a pair of earrings. Whether you are attending a formal party or a wedding ceremony, all you need is a pair of earrings and you are good to go!

Are you looking for the latest and trending pair of earrings for your day-to-day wear requirements? Let’s have a look at the 5 most interesting types of earrings every woman should consider adding to their jewellery collection.

●      Stud Earrings

Looking for everyday wear jewellery? Search for the latest gold stud earrings designs and buy something unique and special for your daily wear jewellery requirements. Stud earrings are pretty small with no dangling elements. They come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. From simple gold stud designs to earrings with precious gemstones, there are countless options available.

If you want something unique and extraordinary, opt for stud earrings embellished with gemstones such as Lapiz, White Sapphire, and Topaz. For everyday wear jewellery, pearl earrings make a perfect option. You can pair stud earrings with almost any outfit including gym wear, blazer, solid tees, denim, and classical outfit.

●      Drop Earrings

The earrings are connected to a solid hook and come in a dangling shape. Drop earrings have small dangling elements, making them ultimate jewellery for days when you intend to look cool but don’t want to draw the attention of people around you.

Drop earrings give quite a decent look. You can wear them to work, office parties, or a romantic lunch date with your spouse. Drop earrings are available in gold, diamond, pearl, gemstones, and other designs.

●      Shoulder Dusters

Resembling drop earrings, shoulder dusters are beautiful and classy pair of earrings for women who love to stand out. As the name implies, these dangling earrings have a length that touches your shoulders. These earrings look incredible at clubs, an informal party, or your friend’s bachelorette. They are usually paired with the western outfits including off-shoulder gowns and bodycon dresses.

Some popular designs in long dangling earrings include diamond-encrusted earrings, tassel earrings, single strand long earrings, gemstone shoulder-length earrings, and gold dangling earrings. Buy these earrings and pair them with the OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

●      Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have a large and circular or ring-shaped pattern. These circular design earrings have become a trend these days. While some ladies prefer the long and plain hoop earrings with no design and embellishments, others purchase a slightly embellished pair of earrings. Either way, the design looks extremely stunning on all occasions.

Hoop earrings look perfect with western outfits. Pair them with your party-wear dresses or complete your office look with plain hoop earrings coupled with a simple pendant. For a unique look, try J or C hoop earrings (they form partial hoops).

●      Front-back Earrings

These are two-in-one earrings. The front part features a stud earring while the back has a drop earring design. The back design is mostly detachable in front-back earrings. You can either detach the drop design to make it look simple or keep it the same way.

They make a perfect option for working women, who have cool parties to attend after work. You can detach the drop design from the earrings at work and combine it again while attending a party. You can pair them with both traditional and western outfits.

Browse through the collection of traditional and modern earrings and buy a pair that fits your style. Good Luck!

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This Valentine Gift Your Loved One With The Best Butterfly Earrings Ever


Love is neither an emotion nor an expression it is indeed a dedicated work of keeping someone happy and content whom we love. In this regard butterflies suffice the best example. Their tireless striving for coming out of the cocoon and their metamorphosis to the most elegant and colourful beauties itself spark for your meticulous care and affection towards your love. So in this festival of love bring a taste of difference and present your loved ones with beautiful Butterfly earrings along with all other collections of jewelleries from the Butterfly Prince.

Gift the latest trends in jewellery while expressing your love

It is general that women irrespective of age and conditions love jewelleries the most. They will become happy instantly when you gift them with jewelleries. Among jewelleries an earning is the most primary thing that a girl will go for. So while choosing butterflies earnings you should take extra care about that. Here are certain types of earrings are provided from the Butterfly Prince for you to take a look.

  • Gold, the metal of elegancy

This wonderful bit of craftsmanship is only a stunner. Pick this gold range of the Butterfly Prince that has a tremendous completion. The studs have small jewels encrusted on the edges. This gives it more lavishness. The example of this specific gold butterfly stud is exceptionally beautiful and will look dazzling on your ears.

  • Choose pearl, the rare one

One of the conspicuous advantages of pearl studs is they can make you look increasingly delightful, in this manner developing self-assurance and making positive vitality. Past that, pearl Butterfly earrings can give you an enthusiastic parity. In accordance to that pearl gemstones are respected to represent virtue, appeal, and love.

Choose Butterfly earring depending on the face cut.

There are a major dependence of the earrings on the face type of the one who is wearing them. Different faces and bring out the beauty of the same earnings in different manners. Here is a guide to check the type of most common faces for your earnings from the Butterfly Prince to out on.

  • An oval structure

Ladies with these face shape are to be sure fortunate as practically all styles suit them. Notwithstanding, a striking appearance can be made by choosing oval butterfly earrings.

  • The perfect round face

Rather than other look, the adornments should give a stretched look to the face structure. In this case you may go fro a droplet butterfly or an elongated butterfly. In the final it is your choice that makes the things better, as we all know that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

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