Jewellery Trends For Spring 2020- Vintage Is In This Season

Jewellery Trends For Spring 2020- Vintage Is In This Season

Now that winter is officially over and spring is upon us here in the UK, we can shrug off the cold and start gearing up for the warmer weather. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Not only is spring a time for rebirth, but it’s also the time of year when fashion’s top designers launch their new spring looks and the look for this season is vintage modern with a bit of retro thrown in.

The throwback look is trending and we are seeing more and more people shopping for vintage diamond rings as a result. Vintage jewellery is always a stylish choice, but top designers are adding an old cut diamond ring to a retro look to add authenticity and consumers are loving it.

Having said that, we are going to take a look at some of the spring jewellery trends that you can expect to see this season.

Jewellery Trends For Spring 2020

Modern Retro Pearls- modern retro pearl jewellery is trending this spring and they include small polished pearls, sculptural ear cuffs and asymmetrical earring sets.

Colourful Jewels- the vintage modern look has renewed interest in the colourfully jewelled pendants, rings and broches of the past. Consumers are flocking to vintage jewellery dealers to find baroque and decadent pieces to create a colourful spring look.

Vintage Diamond Ring- there’s something unexpected and avant-garde about wearing a vintage diamond ring. A vintage diamond ring makes its own statement and shows style and sophistication while bringing any look together. You can find a wide selection of beautifully designed vintage diamond rings at Friar House.

Antique Engagement Ring- spring is wedding season and many couples are choosing an antique engagement ring to signify their love and adoration. You add a matching antique eternity ring later as an anniversary gift.

Chokers- chokers are coming back this season and, although they aren’t as vintage as some antique jewellery, chokers certainly are retro. This year, we will get “statement chokers” with gold curves that go around the neck, giving them an updated look.

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