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7 Celebrity Fashion Tips for 2019


Celebrities have a way of always looking perfect; a lot of our favourite celebrities have managed to do no wrong when it comes to what they wear and how they wear it. Every now and then, we wish to be able to tap into their stylishness to improve on our current style and wardrobe but that is easier said than done.

There are a plethora of shows and entire TV networks dedicated to analyzing how our favourite celebrities dress, but these shows do not tell us how to improve the way we dress.

Today, we will look into a few fashion secrets from celebrities that you can implement in 2019 to revolutionize your wardrobe.

Unconventional Prints

Nyle Demarco recently solidified his position as one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. One of his recent looks that stood out was his unconventional use of prints. The trick is to first find a print that resonates with you then make use of it in an unconventional way. Use these prints on garments that they are not traditionally used on.

Show off your best Assets

This is the ultimate guide that everyone needs to live by, the trick to looking your best is to accentuate and put your best features out there. It can be anything from a forehead like Rihanna all the way down to beautiful long legs like Taylor Swift.

Designer Handbags

There are few things more effective when it comes to improving your personal style than accessorizing with a designer handbag. Luxury handbags like Louis Vuitton’s have long been a way for celebrities and elites to ensure that they stand out from the crowd with ease.

Louis Vuitton’s are by no means cheap and they’re out of the price range for the vast majority of us. A good way to own authentic designer handbags without breaking the bank would be to purchase a pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag from reputable retailers.

Unique Design Elements

Here is another tip from Nyle Demarco, pair up ordinary outfits with extraordinary design elements that are sure to gain attention. You can pair a pretty ordinary slim fit suit with an Asian style “karate belt” of the same colour and design. The most effective elements to use differ from person-to-person based on our ethnic or cultural roots, background and everything in between.

Bold Colors

Every now and then, you need to go against the tide and wear something bold, chic and elegant. Diane Kruger, the actress, and model has shown us just how possible it is to look elegant and daring in bright colours.

Diane rocks insane prints and she is undoubtedly a fan of bright colours, she has been able to successfully incorporate both into her wardrobe and wears them with little to no effort.

Effortlessly Cool

Denim, leather jackets, and ankle boots, what do these three items have in common? They have the ability to make you look laid back and fashion forward at the same time.

Gigi Hadid knows this and she frequently uses these items to captivate us all. When this supermodel is not walking down runways in Milan or Paris, she uses casual “Californian glamour” to stay fashionable all the time.


If there is one thing that celebrities have in abundance it would be confidence. How else are they able to pull off outfits that’ll look ridiculous on the average fellow?

Celebrities know that each time they step out; they are putting on a show for the audience. Building up your confidence makes it easier for you to put on outfits that might seem unnatural to you. It helps you stand out from the crowd and pull off that flawless celebrity look.

Image Pixabay License CCO

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Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Makeup Brush


Makeup brushes are useful tools that aid in applying makeup. A good quality brush will help achieve a smooth, even finish. There are different types of makeup brushes for different types of makeup.

But over time, they collect bacteria, and they can become worn out and need to be replaced. How do you figure out what kind of brush to buy?

Types of Makeup Brushes

It’s important to buy a brush that was designed for the makeup you are applying. Here is a guide to the different types of makeup brushes:

  1. Powder brush: distribute loose powder over the face
  2. Tapered foundation brush: apply foundation, highlighter, or blush very precisely
  3. Blush brush: use to apply blush to the cheeks
  4. Kabuki brush: apply loose powder or body shimmer
  5. Silicone blender: use for blending foundation
  6. Beauty blender: apply wet and dry foundation
  7. Stippling brush: use to create an airbrushed effect
  8. Contour brush: use to achieve defined cheekbones and facial structure
  9. Fan brush: apply highlighter or blend out lines
  10. Brow brush: style and fill in eyebrows
  11. Eye shadow brush: apply eye shadow over the lids
  12. Angled eye shadow brush: use to smudge and contour eye makeup
  13. Eye shadow crease brush: apply eye makeup to the eyelid creases
  14. Eyeliner brush: apply liner and get a fuller lash line
  15. Spoolie/mascara wand: apply mascara to the eyelashes
  16. Lip brush: apply lip color or gloss
  17. Lip liner brush: use for adding lip liner (after the main color)

Quality Makeup Brushes

What should you look for in a makeup brush? Here are some helpful hints:

  • Brush it against your skin; the bristles should feel soft
  • When you brush it against your skin, make sure none of the bristles fall out
  • A good brush is filled with densely-packed bristles
  • It should have a solid, ergonomic handle made with wood or plastic

Some makeup brushes even allow for quick and easy replacement of the heads, like these brushes from Beautiac.


When shopping for a makeup brush, there are a couple things to consider. First of all, the type of brush you choose depends on the type of makeup you will be using it for. Secondly, be sure to choose a good quality brush that will last a while.

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Has Your Hair Started to Thin?


People have become more and more concerned about regenerating hair growth and restoring the looks of their hair. Hair loss and hair thinning affect a large number of people in the world. Therefore, many people with this type of problem look for ways to regenerate growth and enhance the thickness of their hair.

Volumising Your Hair

If you are one of these people, do not despair. You can find programmes online that offer therapies that enhance hair volume growth. Some products even stop the progress of greying hair. If you can find a hair product that can increase your hair’s volume and stop greying, you have found the ideal solution.

For example, a hair restoration product that is used to increase volume typically features liposome-coated molecules. These molecules contain a high amount of essential growth factors. Proteins, minerals, vitamins, and cytokines are also included to rejuvenate the hair. This type of hair growth product provides results in two months. Used as a noninvasive solution, a product, such as PHS Hairscience offers the best hair spa treatment outcome.

Male Pattern Baldness

Your hair may start to thin for one or more reasons. Men’s hair may thin as the result of male pattern baldness, which is genetic. About two out of three men will experience this form of hair loss by the time they reach 60 years old. If you notice that the men in your family have experienced hair loss, your hairline will usually recede, too.

Heredity and hair loss also affect women. Female pattern hair loss is the female version of patterned baldness in men. Again, if you notice female family members who have lost some hair in this way, you will probably experience hair loss and thinning, too.

Are You Under Too Much Stress?

Other reasons for hair loss and thinning include pregnancy or emotional stress. When a woman is pregnant, she experiences hormonal changes when she stops using birth control pills. However, this form of hair loss is usually temporary. You just don’t want to worsen the problem by practicing hair-damaging treatments.

If stress causes hair loss, you need to use a spa treatment as well as review your lifestyle and diet. By making modifications along these lines, you can enjoy lovelier looking hair and feel more in control at work and at home.

Do You Eat Enough Protein?

Sometimes, people experience hair thinning and loss if their diet lacks protein. If you don’t eat enough of this nutrient, your hair growth may stop. Hair growth may be affected about two months after a drop in protein consumptions. To ensure you are getting enough of this nutrient, make sure you eat plenty of fish, eggs, and meat. If you do not want to eat meat, you can find protein-rich sources among vegetables and berries.

Hair loss can also occur by taking too much supplementation. In this case, women and men can experience hair thinning and loss by taking too much vitamin A. Once you stop over-consuming the vitamin, the hair loss will stop and will grow normally. You can still enhance the hair, however, by using a spa treatment that support hair volume and growth.

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Beauty Therapy Level 2 – Exam Question Examples


A Beauty Therapy level 2 certification gives a student an excellent understanding of the type of work that is involved with being a Beauty Therapist. With this qualification you will be able to work in a salon, a cruise ship, as a mobile therapist or work from home and there are many opportunities to advance in this exciting industry.

Having a large set of exam questions is essential for any student studying level 2 Beauty Therapy. The exam papers are generally divided into the following sections;

Skin Treatments (this paper usually includes eye treatments also)
Manicure & Pedicure
Make Up

Most awarding bodies give multiple choice questions as the format for their exam papers. With multiple choice you get one question with four possible answers and you must choose only one. Some examples include;

01. How is melanin produced;
a) By cells called Melanocytes – Answer
b) During the process of desquamation
c) In the sweat glands of the dermis
d) By cells called Histiocytes

02. Why would you apply talc to the skin before waxing;
a) To soothe the skin
b) To lift the hairs away from the skin – Answer
c) To make it less painful
d) To cool the skin

03. What is the function of the eponychium;
a) To produce new cells
b) To protect the matrix from infection – Answer
c) To protect from hang nails and ingrowing nails
d) To hold the nail plate in place

04. Which of the following is a contraindication to eye make up;
a) Conjunctivitis – Answer
b) Dry skin
c) Milia
d) Ephelides

When you are revising for your level 2 Beauty Therapy exams use sample questions to constantly test yourself. Spend a couple of days learning one area and then give yourself an exam at the end to test how strong you are on that area. Repeat this on all areas and you will be amazed at how quickly your confidence grows.

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Health and Beauty – Getting the Best Out of Discounts for Your Health


Millions of people are now getting more into health and beauty products which they can buy online. For one thing, a lot of these health and beauty products are exclusive to some online sites. These sites also sell them at much cheaper prices than if they were to be bought in health stores. The only thing that bothers a lot of people is the cost that some of these great products are priced. The usual order of things is to shop around the internet and to compare the prices. However, as most people have probably noticed, there is not that much difference in the prices and the lowest could still be steep for most.

Fortunately there are discount coupons which can help the interested buyers. They can get the codes of the coupons and type them into the order online forms of the products they are interested in purchasing. Once the codes are in, automatically the retail site will slash the prices according to the specified discount price. This can make for a lot of savings for millions of people and this also makes it easier for the business selling the products to get more paying customers and earn more money. From teas, to health supplements to beauty products, there are thousands of such products out there that can benefit the many men and women. With these health and beauty products readily available for them at discounted prices, this would give them the chance to continue using or taking the product and gain more benefits.

The important thing that must be understood about these fantastic health and beauty products is that they have to be used or taken daily. The full benefit of the effects on the body cannot be achieved otherwise. This will ensure a long term result that would be healthier and safer for the user. It is the cost that makes many hesitate and which could make them decide to forgo the products and risk unhealthy lives. The discount coupons are a great solution for cash strapped consumers. They are also a great solution for the businesses that sell them.

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How To Find A Beauty Party Provider With Ease


If you are looking for a unique theme for your little girl’s birthday party, this short article will give you some pointers. Makeover parties are becoming very popular with girls and tend to be enjoyable for the mothers as well. Continue reading to learn more about this cool beauty party and also how you can host a memorable one for your guests.

These parties are generally held for young girls between the ages of five to eighteen years old. They might also be referred to as spa events, but an actual makeover celebration involves an element of discovering new things, such as styling a hair, applying makeup and also pampering services which include facials, manicures and pedicures. Based on your spending plan, it is possible to host this party at a salon or at home, but services should be provided by professionals to get the best results.

For optimum fun and very little waiting times, try to keep this beauty party with at least 6 to 8 guests. The professionals will generally setup distinct stations for manicure, makeup and hair and will allow the girls to rotate to get their desired treatment. Several salons may also serve light lunch when you obtain packages for half-day.

You can find many online providers more than willing to assist with the hosting of this event. You may also send out your invitations using online services. These people will supply all the things required to make this party a wonderful experience for everyone. The one thing that you should be concerned about most of the time is what you are preparing for the little girls to eat.

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Beauty Therapy Questions – Examples for Your Exams


Before you start revising for your Beauty Therapy exams you must have a well structured revision plan. Part of this revision plan would be to have a large set of Beauty Therapy questions to constantly test yourself.

Beauty Therapy is divided into several different areas including Skin, Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure and Make Up. Having this much to learn can be very overwhelming at the end of the year so you must use your questions.

The best type of questions to use are in the format of multiple choice. With multiple choice questions you have one question and you get four potential answers. For exam and revision purposes you must choose only one answer. This obviously leaves no room for error so you must know your answer!

Some examples of Beauty Therapy Questions are as follows:

01. Which layer of the skin contains melanin?
a) Stratum granulosum
b) Stratum spinosum
c) Stratum corneum
d) Stratum germinativum – Answer

02. At what stage is the hair actively growing?
a) Telogen
b) Catagen
c) Anagen – Answer
d) Pathogen

03. What is the function of the free edge?
a) To protect the living nail bed of the fingers
b) To protect the fingertips and the hyponychium – Answer
c) To produce new nail cells
d) To protect the matrix from physical damage

04. How would you brighten a sallow complexion?
a) Apply a green tinted concealer
b) Apply a yellow tinted concealer
c) Apply a purple tinted concealer – Answer
d) Apply an orange tinted concealer

My advice would be to break down each section and learn it separately. So for example, take Waxing, and learn this area and then move on to Manicure & Pedicure. It is advisable to have over 1,000 multiple choice questions for revision purposes as there is a lot of information to learn.

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