Best Store For Buying Garments Online

Best Store For Buying Garments Online

Talented designers and top suppliers offer the best garments on sale for the entire family on It is an online store that sells clothes and accessories. You can buy clothes for babies and toddlers on this site. The store has clothes for men and women too. The garments are crafted out of love by fashion experts and designers who have very good skills in designing. The t-shirts and tops sold on the site have fun images and meaningful quotations. Kids especially love to wear garments with animal images of dogs and dragons. T-shirts with messages are liked by both kids and grownups.

Unisex onesies are available for babies. It is a one set garment combining both upper top and bottom wear. It is made of cotton fabric. The baby garments are made of soft and smooth fabric suitable for the sensitive skin of a baby. Unisex infant t-shirts with cute messages and texts are popular among buyers. The t-shirts are durable and comfortable to wear. Toddler t-shirt with dragon and dog images look attractive and are well stitched.

The clothes sold on this site are exceptional and they are loved by kids. The store also offers customized garments. If you want a certain text printed on a t-shirt, you can get it done by contacting the website at their email address. The email is provided in the FAQ section. Visit the website and send a query for your request. The cost of t-shirts and tank tops is affordable. The quality of clothes is very high and the raw material is sourced from top suppliers.

Lenchil is located in the US and ships from that location. People who are residing outside the US can still order garments and get it shipped to their country. The store has the facility for international shipping to a foreign location. There are extra charges for the shipping based on the location of the customer. Buyers can track their orders easily. The tracking details are sent through email. The delivery time depends on the location to which the product is shipped.

Customers who are not happy and satisfied with the garments sold on can choose a return. They get a refund of the cost of the product. The garments can be returned in sixty days time by sending an email to the store. The refund procedure is the same. Orders can be canceled within twelve hours of ordering the product by sending an email. Cancellation is not done beyond 12 hours time. Buyers who live in the US don’t need to pay any shipping charges when they buy garments above fifty dollars.