Best Cow Print Leggings As Per Your Imagination

Best Cow Print Leggings As Per Your Imagination

If a few months ago we could not see our lives without the leopard print, the new favorite animal print became the snake, also known as cow print. The trend emerged at Paris Fashion Week and now in the summer she arrived with everything.

In addition to being sexy and powerful, the print gives a bold air to the production, which explains why cowprint became the fashionistas’ favorite trend and started pumping on instagram. You can also opt for the Cow Print Leggings and get the best look with the same.

The Versions for You

The most famous version is black and white, as in the photo of Victoria Beckham, as it is the easiest version to match. But, with the popularity of the trend it has already gained red, blue and even neon versions. It all depends on your personal style and the production you want to put together.

  • The animal print won’t lose popularity in 2020, but the one that is about to steal the show from everyone else is none other than the cow motif. And he has already conquered the stars (of good taste). 2018 was undoubtedly the year of animal prints. It was everywhere, on ankle boots, dresses, shirts, blazers and even coats, and the trend continues in 2020. However, a new “animal skin” is poised to eclipse the leopard and python staples, and we hadn’t seen it coming. 

What is So Special About the Cowprint

This is the cow print, which is inspired by the dress of the so-called Norman bovine breed, known for its white dress covered with brown spots. The motif, rather daring it must be admitted, was adopted by celebrities even before invading the shelves of ready-to-wear brands. Among those who dared, the Duchess of Sussex in person, Meghan Markle, and designer Victoria Beckham. The first, very elegant during her visit to the premises of the charity organization Smart Works last week, paired her Oscar de la Renta trench coat with Gianvito Rossi pumps, decorated with the famous cow print.

Popular in Social Media

The print has two advantages: it is offbeat and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously when it comes to fashion, and its neutral black and white colors allow it to be assembled with any accessories and outfits (with a brightly colored item for example, for an ultra-trendy look.). For those yes, men also have the right to give in to the trend. Who would not be ready to put on the printed coat or pants straight away, we recommend starting with more subtle notes, with a belt(see below), a backpack, a scarf or even sneakers or ballerinas. On Instagram, looks are gradually blooming.