A Gentleman’s Guide to Buying A Wristwatch

A Gentleman’s Guide to Buying A Wristwatch

When buying a watch, there are so many aspects to consider – functional aspects as well as aesthetic aspects which make the experience of buying a watch so pleasurable. Whether you are buying men’s watches online or from a showroom, you must do thorough research and choose the watch that best suits your lifestyle, interests and personality.

One mustn’t rush into a purchase or blindly follow trends if they are not meant for you as that could lead to a regret purchase or a return.

So, how should you familiarize yourself with wristwatches before you close in on the one you want to purchase? 

  1. Style of the watch

The occasion for which you need a watch will determine the style of the watch you should get. Watches are available in many shapes and sizes – you have sports watches, luxury watches, casual watches, dress watches, vintage watches, dive watches, field watches and the list goes on. The style you choose should depend on where you end up wearing your watch the most. 

So, whether you are looking for an analog, metal or automatic watch, your search ends at Timex India, with its extensive range of evergreen timepieces, such as the Q Timex Reissue or the Giorgio Galli Timex Watch.

  • Size of the dial

Another factor to take into consideration while choosing a watch is how it looks when placed on your wrist. The ratio of the watch to your wrist and hand should be ideal. If it is too large for your wrist, it will end up standing out and if it is tiny compared to your wrist it may look like you chose a lady’s wristwatch or selected it from the watches for boys section.

If you have small wrists choose a watch with a smaller dial and if your wrists are big, choose a watch with a bigger dial.

  • Features

A lot of things depend on the usage of your watch. The style you choose depends on that as well as the features a watch has. If you just need a daily wear watch to check the time with no other purpose, a basic time piece would do. However, if you are an outdoor person, you would need to choose a watch that has a timer, a stopwatch, a GPS calculator, something that monitors your calorie count and pulse and a million other features. If you trek or camp then you would probably need even more features in your watch.

Every watch has some basic water resistance, so when you wash your hands or make a splash the watch remains unharmed. But if you are a swimmer/ diver you need to go beyond the 30m water resistant watches, as these are only splash proof and not advised for swimming.

  • Price

Last but not the least, one must have a budget before buying a watch. You may get the same engineering, quality and features in a more reasonable watch however, if you are looking at a status symbol, a brand like Rolex or Omega then you will need to shell out way more than you would have for another watch at par in quality.

There are many watchmakers such as Timex with its Marlin Automatic Day-Date watch, Navi XL automatic watch and Q Timex Reissue watch that provide the same quality, features and great watchmaking skills but at a much affordable rate.