5 Ways to Tell If Rain Shoe Covers Are Right for You

5 Ways to Tell If Rain Shoe Covers Are Right for You

It has been said that you cannot stop the rain. Who among us would argue that point? That said, walking around in the rain means ending up with wet shoes – unless you put on a pair of boots, wear rain shoe covers, or go barefoot. This post will discuss shoe covers.

According to GC Tech, rain shoe covers are the modern equivalent of older galoshes. They are not technically boots, even though you wear them over your regular shoes. A good pair of shoe covers fits snugly, covers the entire shoe, and either slips on or is kept in place with a zipper.

So, how do you know if rain shoe covers are right for you? Here are five litmus tests to apply to your situation:

1. Your Age

If you are younger than 8 or older than 29.5, consider shoe covers a go. Young children don’t know enough to be bothered by shoe covers. In fact, they think covers are cool. They are just another piece of bling kids can wear on top of their unicorn raincoats and Power Ranger hats.

If you’re older than 29.5, wisdom has begun penetrating your skull. You now understand that dry shoes are more important than fashion. If you’re middle-aged, you couldn’t care less what people think of how you look. In fact, you consider looking old a badge of honor.

2. Your Job

Next up, consider your job. Given that most of us spend a third of every day working, your job may determine what you wear on your feet. For example, shoe covers are not ideal for the building trades. Construction workers are better off buying a pair of waterproof work boots.

Conversely, office workers who spend most of their time in dry, climate-controlled offices are great candidates for rain shoe covers. They only need to protect their shoes for that short walk from the office to the car (or perhaps to the bus or subway station). A good pair of rain shoe covers will last at least a season or two.

3. Time Spent Outdoors

Along the same lines, consider the amount of time you spend outdoors. Maybe you are a mail carrier with a walking route. Even though your daily routine is not as rough on your shoes as construction, spending all day in the rain increases the chances that your feet will get soaked from stepping in puddles or the water dripping on them from your raincoat. Rain boots might be a better option for you.

4. Your Shoes

Next up are the shoes you normally wear. A good pair of rain shoe covers should work with most pairs of dress shoes. But if you are wearing something a bit more bulky, you might not get a shoe cover on your foot. You will have to either go with a rain boot or choose a different pair of shoes. If you are the type of person with a closet full of shoes, it might not be possible to get rain covers that accommodate all of them.

5. Where You Live

Finally, consider where you live. How much inclement weather are you actually exposed to? And when the weather does get bad, how likely are you to go outside? Just this one factor alone explains why this writer owned rain shoe covers while living in New York but dispensed with them upon moving to Florida.

Are rain shoe covers right for you? That is up to you decide. You now have five litmus tests you can apply to your own situation.