Workplace Wardrobe Aesthetics: What To Wear To Your Office

Whether your workplace environment is strict or relaxed, there is always a certain level of refinement or decorum that should always be maintained and some unsaid rules for men and women to be followed. Some rules are gender specific but there are certain which apply to both. 

If you want to learn a few rules for men and women about how to build your own smart wardrobe, you need to understand the basic guidelines about the office wardrobe etiquette.

The Basics

A very important topic when it comes to improving your style is to know your strengths based on your body type. We are born with a certain height, facial features, bone structure or hair color. So it’s very important to know how to dress properly in order to look professional and chic. Remember to put some time and thought into what you wear based on your lifestyle, personality, body, nature of job, your salary, etc. 

Fashion passes, but the style remains.

Stop worrying about buying the latest trend. Fashion houses run expensive campaigns every season to tell you what to wear and what not to. Not all of us have to dress up like the latest Burberry Collection. Discover your inner distinguished style and pick items that compliment your own personalized style. 

Color Palette

The Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue. In the workplace, I recommend wearing basic solid colors and designs. You can then add color to your wardrobe with belts, shoes and chic accessories.  When you are buying new clothes, remember what kind of color suits you best, DO NOT BUY JUST BECAUSE IT IS ON SALE!

The Basic Wardrobe

The Suit

A black or navy suit is a must have for every professional man and woman. Even if your workplace is relaxed, you should always be prepared for a meeting.  In the workplace do not wear minis, all skirts should be knee length. 

Remember that the fit of a suit is extremely important, so do not hesitate if you need to visit the tailor. You want to make sure the length is right for the office environment and that the suit doesn’t tug in all the wrong places.

Dress Shirts

Another staple item for both men and women, is a good quality solid button down shirt. They pair perfectly well with suits. Being an extremely versatile item of clothing, they pair well with jeans as well for a casual day at the office. 


Modern-day office wear has become very fluid in nature. Khakis now, can easily pass off as work wardrobe. You can wear them with practically anything ranging from polos to dress shirts and blazers to sweaters. Khakis also give you a huge leeway to experiment with footwear. They look extremely sophisticated paired with formal shoes, loafers as well as a crisp pair of white sneakers. 

The day to night dress

This is a dress you can wear in the office with your blazer and look professional and then at night, you change the blazer for a statement piece of jewelry and you are done!


Office hours can be long, so wear shoes that are not only stylish but also comfortable to wear. A nice pair of heels gives you confidence and an amazing posture. You don’t have to go with a sky high heel (which I do not recommend) but instead you can wear a heel no more than 3 inches. A nice pair of pumps is always a good option to have. 

NOTE: In the summertime, I strictly recommend not wearing flip-flops to the office. Sorry! But you have to keep it professional. 


A statement belt is a no brainer if you are looking to create impressive work outfits. You can also use a belt to add a dash of color to your outfit. But ALWAYS remember to match your shoes with your belt. 

Tight Clothes

Tight clothing is not appropriate for men or women in the workplace. In the office, you want to be recognized for your work (and style of course) not your physical assets.

Nail Polish

Do not wear a vibrant colored nail paint (especially crazy colors; it can be too provocative for employers).

A Friendly Advice:

Do research about the company where you are working or you want to work for? It’s important to understand how to combine your style with the culture of the company.  

Remember that workplace wardrobe aesthetic is all about dressing professionally. Showing others that you pay attention to detail and respect yourself and others is essential. So if you don’t look like a professional, people won’t take you for a professional.

A Time To Remember: Hiring Your Wedding Catering

Want to know how to hire a wedding catering agency? Here are some of the most popular guides for hiring a professional wedding caterer:

What is a caterer?

A wedding caterer is any person employed to provide banquet services at your wedding. There are two types of wedding caterers. First of all, there are the typical “waiter, waitress” wedding caterers. These caterers hire out table service at your wedding and are usually located in the main venue, where guests are seated. These caterers typically serve drinks, serve loaves of bread and other food, and make dishes for other tables.

Catering can get expensive. In this section, we show you how much it costs to hire a wedding catering company to perform your wedding at your home.

We’ve compiled this list to show you everything you need to know about hiring your catering company. While you can easily hire your wedding catering from places, you’ll need to have a little more persuasion if you’re doing it yourself.

Step One: Find Your Caterer

Depending on the type of ceremony you’re planning, you may need to hire your own caterer.

Even if you’re not on a strict budget, wedding caterers are a great investment. When you hire a skilled caterer, you can let them handle everything from tables to tables of food.

To start off, keep in mind that you won’t have access to all of the best-in-class venues, but you do have a lot of options. All you need to know is that every place that you wish to use will have a minimum of 3 requirements to qualify for your catering contract.

Catering Bill/Table/Seat: Most places, catering contracts will be based on a table price with a minimum and maximum amount of each item.

So having a catering company to plan and coordinate is important.

Here are some steps to take in this regard:

  1. Try and find a company that has a 40-50 staff total.

  1. Make a list of questions you want to be answered before booking a caterer.

  1. Determine whether or not a car will be needed to transport the food back to the catering company for storage.

  1. Make sure to know what the catering

Planning your big day isn’t easy. Whether you’re renting a venue or hiring a professional to make your special day the most romantic in the history of weddings, there are many things to consider. But there’s one thing you’ll definitely want to keep in mind before choosing a wedding caterer: the quality of the food and beverage you’ll receive.

Catering services for weddings are an important part of any wedding. From very expensive designer dinner menus to mass-produced events where there isn’t a designer involved, well, that shouldn’t happen. Catering for weddings is all about having your own style, which means you have to have a designer of your own.

If you want to really wow your guests, you need a menu that they’ll want to order. Even better, if you’re looking to create a really personalized table, you need a designer that can design your own plates, glasses, napkins, ice, wine, food, etc. It’s definitely worth spending some time checking out our awesome wedding menus to get ideas of what to bring with you.

Most couples spend a lot of money on their wedding day, and that’s not just because it costs a lot of cash to get married. If you spend a lot of money on your wedding and then spend money on other things that only last for a month, such as your hotel’s bill, there are bound to be big expenses incurred.

 When it comes to wedding planning, be very wary of spending a lot of money on your wedding day in the first place.

This Valentine Gift Your Loved One With The Best Butterfly Earrings Ever

Love is neither an emotion nor an expression it is indeed a dedicated work of keeping someone happy and content whom we love. In this regard butterflies suffice the best example. Their tireless striving for coming out of the cocoon and their metamorphosis to the most elegant and colourful beauties itself spark for your meticulous care and affection towards your love. So in this festival of love bring a taste of difference and present your loved ones with beautiful Butterfly earrings along with all other collections of jewelleries from the Butterfly Prince.

Gift the latest trends in jewellery while expressing your love

It is general that women irrespective of age and conditions love jewelleries the most. They will become happy instantly when you gift them with jewelleries. Among jewelleries an earning is the most primary thing that a girl will go for. So while choosing butterflies earnings you should take extra care about that. Here are certain types of earrings are provided from the Butterfly Prince for you to take a look.

  • Gold, the metal of elegancy

This wonderful bit of craftsmanship is only a stunner. Pick this gold range of the Butterfly Prince that has a tremendous completion. The studs have small jewels encrusted on the edges. This gives it more lavishness. The example of this specific gold butterfly stud is exceptionally beautiful and will look dazzling on your ears.

  • Choose pearl, the rare one

One of the conspicuous advantages of pearl studs is they can make you look increasingly delightful, in this manner developing self-assurance and making positive vitality. Past that, pearl Butterfly earrings can give you an enthusiastic parity. In accordance to that pearl gemstones are respected to represent virtue, appeal, and love.

Choose Butterfly earring depending on the face cut.

There are a major dependence of the earrings on the face type of the one who is wearing them. Different faces and bring out the beauty of the same earnings in different manners. Here is a guide to check the type of most common faces for your earnings from the Butterfly Prince to out on.

  • An oval structure

Ladies with these face shape are to be sure fortunate as practically all styles suit them. Notwithstanding, a striking appearance can be made by choosing oval butterfly earrings.

  • The perfect round face

Rather than other look, the adornments should give a stretched look to the face structure. In this case you may go fro a droplet butterfly or an elongated butterfly. In the final it is your choice that makes the things better, as we all know that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Cotton vs. Linen: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to a necessity and benefits of a good night’s sleep, a comfortable bed is extremely important. But creating perfect conditions for sleeping might be harded than it looks. Putting on some flannel sheets or using a few blankets won’t be enough and sleeping conditions will probably be messy and uncomfortable. But how does one create those perfect conditions? Certainly the fabrics of which bed sheets are made are extremely important. The most popular choices are cotton and linen. But which one is more is better? What are the differences between the two fabrics?

Even though these two fabrics are both natural plant fibers (cotton coming from a cotton plant, while linen from a flax plant), they have a lot of differences seperating them.

Linen is the world’s strongest natural fiber. Its durability is so great, some of it is being used to increase the strength of paper money. The fabric is thicker than cotton and has variable lengths, which contributes to its longevity and strength. Strength of cotton is usually achieved by spinning multiple fibres into a yarn and after that just weaving that into a fabric.

Linen is crisper than cotton, but after some handling becomes much more soft and elegant. Both fabrics tend to get wrinkly, but linen fibres have a natural resin, which makes fibrew stiff and creasy at first, but after some handling it usually becomes much smoother. Cotton plant has fluffy fiber clusters called bolls, which are extremely soft to the tuch. That is the main reason why cotton fabrics can achieve much greater softness than any other natural fibre.

Natural fibers interact easily with moisture. Linen is known for its ability to wick away moisture. It can gain a lot of moisture before it will start to feel damp, whill cotton can absorb a staggering ¼ of its weight in water. Linen gains additional strength when it gets wet and can even prevent bacterial growth. That is the main reason why linen is the best fabric for towels. These qualities give linen its popularity, and websites like Offon Clothing offer their clients various linen products, which helps us stay healthy.

Although cotton probably offers greater heat and comfort, linen bedsheets are much more comfortable during hotter times on the year. Its ability to wick away the moisture is especially useful on hot and sweaty, unbearable summer nights.

The Trucker Cap as a Fashion Icon

The 1980’s changed the fashion world by ditching bell-bottom jeans for jeans with holes in them. The Princess of Wales started a fashion trend after trend. The advent of the new music video showcased supermodels and clothing designers became household names. In 1980, the trucker cap was introduced and quickly became a fashion icon.

From the mid-1850s until approximately 1980, sports stars and farmers wore ball caps. Ball caps were solid pieces of material all the way around with no real ventilation in the back. Then feed stores and farmer’s supply companies started a new trend of handing out mesh-backed hats as a promotional item to truck drivers, farmers, and other patrons. These hats became known as trucker hats. Most started with the feed store or supply store logo. As popularity increased, so did the companies using these hats for promotion.

Beer companies, tractor manufacturers and soda distributors used these new style hats to sell products. The hats helped establish new marketing techniques. These companies were now designing and selling wholesale trucker mesh caps to the masses. Even musicians, such as Willie Nelson, wore trucker hats in lieu of his standard bandana. In the early 2000s, they could be seen on celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher. Women, like Paris Hilton, were even wearing them. They proved to be perfect for bad hair days and great for pulling ponytails through the back. As clothing became more casual, wearing a hat seemed to fit perfectly with workout clothing and other forms of outdoor wear. In more recent years, the trucker hat has become a political statement.

Many forms of pop culture have embraced the trucker hat. Outlets like television series have showcased them. King of the Hill was one such show. Music videos from hip hop to country music use them as part of their cultural landscape. Live music performances are another great place to see a variety of these hats as they are worn by the performers in outdoor and indoor venues.

These new trucker hats, or sometimes called feed caps, were perfect for a new and freer lifestyle. Most were one size fits all with a snapback closure. The mesh in the back of the hat allowed for a cooling effect in the summer. The bill kept the sun out of your eyes in the same way the baseball cap did. Die-hard baseball cap wearers did not easily accept this new trend. Many thought the only hat to wear had fabric all the way around. Mesh, they thought, cheapened the design.

Wholesale trucker mesh caps went from feed stores and flea markets to top-selling clothing outlets. Celebrities and truckers were wearing the same mesh-backed hats. The company Von Dutch, named for the man who became known as the “godfather of pinstriping,” became a favorite with musicians and other artistic groups. As these hats gained in popularity, so did the acceptance of this type of casual clothing to be worn just about anyplace.

What started off as a free promotional item became a big business. Using these hats as a way to show off a brand has become popular and, at times, can make a social statement. Today, wearers can pick and choose what ideals they want to express by picking out a hat that showcases their beliefs and the use of statements to increase awareness of different cultural issues. Some of the popularity has waned over the years, but they can still be seen today as a testament to their lasting appeal and memory to a different time.