Beauty Therapy Questions – Examples for Your Exams

Before you start revising for your Beauty Therapy exams you must have a well structured revision plan. Part of this revision plan would be to have a large set of Beauty Therapy questions to constantly test yourself.

Beauty Therapy is divided into several different areas including Skin, Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure and Make Up. Having this much to learn can be very overwhelming at the end of the year so you must use your questions.

The best type of questions to use are in the format of multiple choice. With multiple choice questions you have one question and you get four potential answers. For exam and revision purposes you must choose only one answer. This obviously leaves no room for error so you must know your answer!

Some examples of Beauty Therapy Questions are as follows:

01. Which layer of the skin contains melanin?
a) Stratum granulosum
b) Stratum spinosum
c) Stratum corneum
d) Stratum germinativum – Answer

02. At what stage is the hair actively growing?
a) Telogen
b) Catagen
c) Anagen – Answer
d) Pathogen

03. What is the function of the free edge?
a) To protect the living nail bed of the fingers
b) To protect the fingertips and the hyponychium – Answer
c) To produce new nail cells
d) To protect the matrix from physical damage

04. How would you brighten a sallow complexion?
a) Apply a green tinted concealer
b) Apply a yellow tinted concealer
c) Apply a purple tinted concealer – Answer
d) Apply an orange tinted concealer

My advice would be to break down each section and learn it separately. So for example, take Waxing, and learn this area and then move on to Manicure & Pedicure. It is advisable to have over 1,000 multiple choice questions for revision purposes as there is a lot of information to learn.

Baby Girl Gifts – A Wide Array of Choices

There would hardly be anybody who does not love babies. The innocent smile of an infant has the power to melt the hearts of the most cynical person. They bring out the inherent emotions in people like nothing else. Some are expert in expressing what they feel; and there are others who are not that eloquent.

Irrespective of the specific bracket that a person falls into, the idea of celebrating this new arrival holds an appeal to one and all. Moreover, the happiness and joy of the new parents who have been blessed with a new member in their family knows no bounds. They would be more than enthusiastic to receive useful and attractive baby gifts from people that they love. It would be an indication that their joy and happiness is not theirs alone; there are a lot of people that they can share the same with.

For people giving such gifts, there are quite a few options to choose from, especially if the newborn is a girl. There are a wide array of very interesting baby girl gift items from which specific choices can be made. From baby toys, and beautiful dolls, to pink dresses, colorful baby shoes, and soft-touch blankets with eye catching designs, there are a wide array of choices,, when it comes to selecting baby girl gifts.

Parents, well wishers, friends, and acquaintances – celebrating a birth in the family, now have a tough decision to make. They have to choose between equally interesting gift ideas for the new one. And it could take a while before they are able to zero in on anyone.

This is because of the fact that the baby girl gifts are being created by the best names in the industry; as a matter of fact, all the best brands have joined in the bandwagon. There is a lot of competition and the ultimate beneficiaries are the customers. They can choose the best gift items – most of which are attractively designed and executed.

And the good news is that the baby girl gift items that are currently available in the market are priced in a manner to be affordable to different categories of people. When purchased from reputed sites there is no doubt as far as the quality of the products go. An interested person can browse the web pages of any of these sites and browse through all the very attractive baby girl gifts on offer. They can then select an unique baby gift for that special someone in their lives.

Check for more information.

Newborn Gift Basket Ideas

So, someone is expecting a baby, and that cause a celebration. Family and friends will be invited to her baby shower to help her welcome an upcoming little bundle of joy. A baby shower is a time for celebration and also presenting baby gifts. The real challenge for guests is on how they can come up with the best present that would sure to delight the honoree. Apparently, there are lots of gift items to choose from, but to find the best among the rest can make any head spin. Fortunately, there are baby baskets to save the day!

Baby gift baskets are always well-appreciated by most mom-to-bes. They come in bountiful, which often delights any recipient. Baby gift baskets are available in various choices. You can find baskets meant for baby girls and baskets meant for baby boys. When presented, these gifts reflects warm wishes both for the new parents and baby.

Baby Girl Gift Baskets

Presenting an adorable gift basket simply means congratulating the new parents. For a happy couple expecting a baby girl, there are various of girl-themed baby baskets that are available in the market. You can find such baskets in different themes meant for girls, such as princesses, Barbie’s, dolls, fairy tales, flowers and the likes. Gift baskets for baby girls are usually includes adorable infant items in pink hues.

Consider this Bellamy Girl Gift Basket. If you want to give something that will pamper the little girl with impeccable style, consider this darling basket that offers warm and wonderful surprises.

Come with elegant damask print, this whitewashed wicker basket includes a soft stroller blanket, a set of baby burp cloth, a bib, a hooded towel, two sets of wash cloths, and a plush teddy bear. Wrapped in a beautiful tulle and tied with a matching ribbon, this darling baby girl gift basket will sure to delight the mom-to-be!

Baby Boy Gift Baskets

often, gift baskets for bay boys come in shades pf blue or white. And just like gift baskets for baby girls, theirs too are available in different designs, styles and themes. You can usually find gift items for boys in a sporty themes, or themes like cars; motorbikes; boats and ships.

Looking for a great shower gift for a bouncing baby boy? Consider this Baby Boy’s Bedtime Wishes Gift Basket, a dreamy welcome present for a sweet little boy. Wonder and unique, this basket are offering carefully selected items, and has a color theme of baby blue. Tucked in this keepsake wicker basket are everything that a little one needs when sleeping time, such as a teddy bear, a wash cloth, a baby book, and a rattle. This shower present is finished with a clear wrap and a matching ribbon.

The Line of Personalizing Gifts

How it got started: A lady named Krista Latendresse wanted to find a baby blanket that was stylish, plush and even personal for her baby. She could not find a baby blanket that would match the criteria, so she took it upon herself to create a fashion-forward, attention-getting personalized baby blanket. It comes with a bold graphic initial on the blanket which was the creation of the original one letter Baby Blanket.

Soon after, This product was born. It uses modern graphics and whimsical fonts to personalize a collection of baby blankets and infant clothing. The Two Tinas product line includes initial and full name receiving blankets along with a variety of personalized children’s clothing.

Personalized Items: The baby blankets not only are soft and stylish for your baby, but are an instant prized possession years after your baby has outgrown his or her blanket. The signature initial blanket, full name ringer receiving blanket, varsity hoodie, karate set and full name ringer snapsuit are offered for personalized items. It is offered in many different colors and styles to fit your infant’s needs.

Some celebrities that have noticed this line consist of Gwyneth Paltrow who uses the Signature Initial Blankets for her daughter, Apple and son, Moses. Jennifer Lopez enjoys the Full Name Ringer Receiving Blanket for Max and Emme. Nichole Richie, Jennifer Gardner, Halle Berry, and Christina Aguilera are more celebrity moms who absolutely love using this line for their infants.

The next time you see this product, take a moment to check it out. Remember that the quality and styles give a wonderful feel for your infants. Making an item personalized for your baby has never been easier. These blankets and clothing truly are well worth the money. It is no wonder that Two Tinas is going strong because of how it is a personalized item made just for your baby. This product has continued to show its reputation of style, uniqueness, quality and personalization throughout their clothing and blanket line.

Baby Shower Preparations – How To Choose The Perfect Invitation

Preparing for a baby is quite an expensive affair. The parents of the baby have to save their money for hospital expenses, infant formula, baby clothes and also the medical check-ups which needs to be taken regularly. It will be mighty helpful if the friends of the mom-to-be, celebrating their baby, help to organize the party. This will reduce the burden on the parents-to-be on their expenses when they have to deliver the baby. This baby shower party is usually celebrated two or three months before the baby is born. It isn’t celebrated in the month that the baby will be born. Sometimes parents plan to have this baby shower after the birth of the baby so that gifts that they receive will be more specific.

The main reason behind the celebration of this baby shower day is the birth of a child. Parents, family friends and other friends shower their praises and bless the couple and the baby on this day. They bring a lot of baby toys, clothes and other requirements for the baby and congratulate the parents. Sometimes, the parents have the choice of selecting the gifts that they can ask their guests to gift by eliminating the items they already have for the baby. Though the party is mostly held before the birth of the newborn, the theme of the party is always correlating with the baby and the mother. Hence, the parents or the friends, whoever is throwing the party, is expected to choose the right theme.

Suppose you have taken the responsibility of holding a party for your family friend or any relative, make sure you have the agenda well prepared beforehand without any last minute changes. Check with parents, you are doing for, about the date, time and venue of the baby shower party. If a surprise party is planned, try to make it interesting and successful. Choosing the date for the baby shower function has to be precise and it shouldn?t be clashing with the baby shower parties of other people. Usually, churchwomen, co-workers, family members have separate parties that the person organizing has to be extra careful while selecting the date. It is advisable to speak with the parent-to-be before finalizing on anything.

You can either make your own invitations for the party or print them out. But ensure that the theme is contained in whatever you are doing. Mostly, people do it at home. They decorate and print their own cards to invite people. This not only works out cheaper but also can have a sense of originality. You can edit information or anything for that matter at will unlike in printed cards where you have got to accept what comes to you. But there lies an advantage with purchasing invitations online. The companies might be willing to work with you for the baby shower party and help you out. While ordering for them, you order ample cards and send them in prior notice. Six or seven weeks before the party are the ideal time to send them. You can also send the cards online if you want to. After doing this, the most important part is to prepare for the upcoming program. Make necessary arrangements for food as well as the games if you wish to conduct. Get online for needy help and make your party a successful one. There is so much in the internet that you can choose your theme as well as your plans for the party.