The Line of Personalizing Gifts

The Line of Personalizing Gifts

How it got started: A lady named Krista Latendresse wanted to find a baby blanket that was stylish, plush and even personal for her baby. She could not find a baby blanket that would match the criteria, so she took it upon herself to create a fashion-forward, attention-getting personalized baby blanket. It comes with a bold graphic initial on the blanket which was the creation of the original one letter Baby Blanket.

Soon after, This product was born. It uses modern graphics and whimsical fonts to personalize a collection of baby blankets and infant clothing. The Two Tinas product line includes initial and full name receiving blankets along with a variety of personalized children’s clothing.

Personalized Items: The baby blankets not only are soft and stylish for your baby, but are an instant prized possession years after your baby has outgrown his or her blanket. The signature initial blanket, full name ringer receiving blanket, varsity hoodie, karate set and full name ringer snapsuit are offered for personalized items. It is offered in many different colors and styles to fit your infant’s needs.

Some celebrities that have noticed this line consist of Gwyneth Paltrow who uses the Signature Initial Blankets for her daughter, Apple and son, Moses. Jennifer Lopez enjoys the Full Name Ringer Receiving Blanket for Max and Emme. Nichole Richie, Jennifer Gardner, Halle Berry, and Christina Aguilera are more celebrity moms who absolutely love using this line for their infants.

The next time you see this product, take a moment to check it out. Remember that the quality and styles give a wonderful feel for your infants. Making an item personalized for your baby has never been easier. These blankets and clothing truly are well worth the money. It is no wonder that Two Tinas is going strong because of how it is a personalized item made just for your baby. This product has continued to show its reputation of style, uniqueness, quality and personalization throughout their clothing and blanket line.