Top 3 Aspects to Consider in Perfume Packaging

Top 3 Aspects to Consider in Perfume Packaging

An excellent cook must keep the visual aspect of a dish is as important as its taste, the perfect combination of color, aroma and taste makes a perfect score of dish. Indeed, it is the appearance that makes you decide to taste a dish or not. Well, the same goes for perfumery. The packaging makes a decisive effect on its perfume. An eye-pleasing perfume packaging can speak for its superior quality.

Fragrance is a very magical substance that could be felt by olfaction only, and you cannot get to know it until you smell it.  At this time, the perfume packaging is the only thing speaks the first word of how the fragrance is. It helps to highlight the brand and create a world of essence. Just like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Brands create specific designs based on the fragrance of the perfume, while each brand has its own packaging to differentiate itself from other fragrance brands. Besides branding, the goal of custom perfume packaging is also to attract the eyes of the consumer to the most beautiful bottle. In fact, consumers often go to containers that attract them.

As is well-known, a custom perfume bottle is essential to show the nature of a certain fragrance, and stimulate consumer’s purchasing desire. After all, it is the first image that will remain in your mind even before you feel it. A professional perfume packaging solution is much more than important. And now let’s focus more on the factors that determine the effect of a custom perfume packaging.

Color Decoration

Before we begin to form a general idea of custom perfume packaging, let us note that the color of the packaging is the first eye-catching factor. Normally, the color of perfume transmits a message to the consumer. On the one hand, it generally indicates whether it is a feminine fragrance or masculine cologne. On the other hand, each color shade gives full indications of the product itself. For example, orange is synonymous with vitality; black is more elegant; gold evokes glamour, and silver is a sign of power, light colors mostly for eau de toilette, dark colors for oud. It is then necessary for the creators to design packaging in total correspondence with the target consumers. And the professional custom perfume packaging supplier Abely has a wide range of colors to fit for different perfume packaging requirement. This allows them to master in an ever-changing world of appreciation.

Custom Bottle

Similarly, the shape of the bottle plays a vital role in perfume packaging, it should be able to hold and present the fragrance itself. Traditional perfume bottles are mainly square, round, most of them are simple unisex glass bottles, work as just fragrance container. Currently, more and more perfumers compete for ingenuity to match their scents perfectly and to attract customers’ eyes. This explains in particular that the diversion of objects is more and more in vogue. Perfume packaging bottles ranging from the irregular round shape, water drop shape, star shape, and more personalized shape, even custom the brand name on bottles, definitely give out a distinctly different feeling. Likewise, beyond the aesthetic aspect, the packaging shape must preserve certain practicality. It is then studied to facilitate their handling and to protect the product well.


Last but not least, the packaging must clearly show the brand and logo of the creative brand on the product, especially when it is a luxury item. A custom perfume bottle is not only the symbol of the brand, but also help to leave the brand impression on consumers. In this case, it can be a real trigger of the purchase. The logo, together with the color and shape, must come in coordination. Only in this way can an unparalleled impression be left in customers’ minds. Nevertheless, this must be done subtly so as not to weigh down the whole. Generally, the brand name and logo could be written down on packaging by various of customized way, such as silkscreen printing, foil hot stamping, debossing, embossing, label, metal plate, etc.

Thus, packaging in the perfume sector is the subject of many innovations, almost as important as the fragrance itself. They are objects of creation. That’s why Abely has been devoting itself to providing perfume packaging solutions for many years. Beyond the standard perfume bottles, it also focuses on bespoke project and private label. Its objective is to support customers from the initial concept creation to final products. The products include perfume bottles, perfume caps, perfume boxes, pump/collar, and accessories. All of them are of exception-quality with a unique design.

The exclusive perfume packaging project New Design ABD40-100 is a representative of their glass perfume bottles. The water prop shape-perfume bottle with spiral striation has colors ranging from red, pink, green, to blue. Both the transparent type and full-color type are available. The whole bottle body shapes like an ancient Latin container, exotic as well as elegant. What’s more, the golden cap of the perfume bottle is an outstanding design for this luxurious brand. You will be attracted by it at first sight.

Besides the design ABD40, Abely has much more latest designs for exclusive selection that it never shows to the public. The professional team has strong power in designing, manufacturing, and decorating a perfume packaging. Those cooperating perfume brand has always appreciated the custom service it provides.

Now you get to know the importance of perfume packaging, and I would highly recommend you to appreciate the work from Abely and get to know the beautiful and magical side of perfume packaging.

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