How To Differentiate A Fake Jordan 1 White Pink from A Real?

How To Differentiate A Fake Jordan 1 White Pink from A Real?

The number of people falling prey to fake sellers selling sneakers has been rising since the past decade. Today, people start to become aware of this issue. So, they only buy the Jordan 1 White Pink from trusted sellers or directly from the company website.

Like them, if you’re planning to buy a Jordan 1 white pink, always double-check if the shoes are real or not. To help you examine, see below tips and suggestions to spot a faux Jordan 1 white pink from an authentic Jordan.

1- Check the mid classic side logo

The fake shoes will not have a proper font of the famous Air Jordan text logo. The letters in the fake will be too thick or too thin. The ™ text is also wider and improperly printed on a fake.

2- Check the wings logo

The space between the wings on the logo will be spaced separately. On an actual shoe, space will be the same, and the distance between the wings will be more in the real shoe. Furthermore, the wing’s bottom part will be too small on a fake compared to the real logo.

3- The Nike logo on the side of the shoe

The stitching on the logo on a fake would be more protruding. The logo on the fake will be improperly glued. The stitching is also asymmetrical and weighted, not equally. There will be extra threads hanging out of the logo, whereas the real will have no thread hanging out.

4- Inspect the tongue of the shoe

The tongue on the fake will be too thick, and it will not be a sight for the eyes. The letters on the AIR text will also be thicker, and the logo might carry its crooked design. However, in the genuine Jordan 1 white pink, you can see that Jordan’s outline is proper.

5- Check the patch on the rear side of the shoe

In this part, most fake sneakers have improperly placed patches on the rear. Then, its sides will be too narrow and tall. The patch on the actual shoe will be shorter, proper, and broader. The overall stitching of the patch will not be appropriate. Some threads will be hanging by the end of the patch.

6- The mid-cross stitching will be improper

On a genuine shoe, the stitch of the mid-cross will intersect with the Nike swoosh logo. On a fake, the stitching will be away by a millimeter. The stitching on the real shoe is thinner and placed closer to the logo. There is a curve at the end of the stitch in the fake, whereas, on a real, there is no curve.

The stitching on a fake Jordan 1 white pink will be improper. Thus, that is the biggest tip to help you spot a faux Jordan 1 white pink.

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