Why you must experience Handloom Silk Sarees at least once in your lifetime

Why you must experience Handloom Silk Sarees at least once in your lifetime

If you have noticed, handloom silk sarees are becoming more and more popular among Indian women and for a very good reason. Although sarees have always been woven with the use of traditional method s, the weaving has experienced an upgrade in a method of weaving and style over the years. Thanks to this improvement, saree lovers now have a wide range of saree products available in the market that they can choose from. Whether you are dressed in a saree for your regular chores or a party, you can be sure to look elegant while also feeling very comfortable. If you are still not convinced whether to get a piece, here are 10 reasons why you must experience Handloom Silk Sarees at least once in your lifetime.

Every single piece is unique

One of the best things about owning handloom sarees is that each and every single piece that you will own will be very unique. For this uniqueness to be achieved, every single step in making the handloom sarees is done with uniqueness. The weavers take an extra step to ensure that they do each and every step in a very unique way.

Good for your skin

Another good thing about handloom silk sarees is that they have no chemical-induced dyes. You might not have thought of this but exposing your body to chemicals can be very harmful to your overall health. Thankfully, this attires have no chemicals or dyes induced in them and this makes them good for any type of skin.

Temperature regulation

Talking of the fabric used to make this attires, the fabric has the ability to regulate your body temperature. When you wear it, air will easily pass through the fabric easily and onto the body which will, in turn, retain the required moisture.


Apart from being able to regulate temperature, the quality of the fabric that is used to make handloom silk sarees is also very durable. This means that the products will get to serve you for a very long time. Even if you buy a multi-colored piece, it will still look new even after you have worn it for two or more decades.

Easy maintenance

With handloom silk sarees, cleaning is hassle-free. You won’t be forced to have to dry clean your attire since just a simple wash using your hands or machine is enough to make it maintain its shape and preserve the color and texture quality.

Wide variety

Nowadays, there is a wide range of handloom sarees designs that are sold in the market. These ranges from the baluchari sarees and kanjivaram sarees to the tussar sarees and chanderi sarees. This wide variety ensures that everybody gets a chance to find a product that fits their style and taste. It also makes sure that you have a saree that you can wear in each and every occasion.

They never go out of fashion

Unlike most fashion trends, sarees will never go out of fashion. This is because as the years pass by, saree evolves into a vintage treasure. Since it manages to stay in fashion, it means that you will never have to worry about having to stay updated with the current trends. In addition, your handloom saree collection will grow to become a valuable possession that you can pass down to your daughter and granddaughters.

Displays the vastness of the Indian Culture

Another good thing about handloom silk sarees is that they help you display the rich and diverse Indian culture. Generally, every state in India has a different handloom silk artwork that it can boast of. For example, a weaver coming from Bihar would weave an exceptional Madhubani while one coming from down South would do a very brilliant Kanchipuram.

Eco-friendly and naturally-made

Another good reason why you should consider choosing handloom silk sarees over other materials is that they are made from 100 percent natural fibers. Unlike other materials, every step involved in the handlooms weaving process is done using natural products starting from the manufacturing of the drapes all the way to their production.

Supports many livelihoods

Generally, handloom sarees are crafted with hands and it is this human touch that gives it that unique aspect. Having been crafted using hands, it also means that when you buy handloom silk sarees you get to support a good number of weavers that are struggling to maintain their art.


Handloom silk sarees are age-appropriate attires that go with almost every occasion. Thanks to their elegant designs and high-quality weaving, handloom silk sarees have grown to become the most loved attires by Indian women. It enables them to embrace their rich Indian culture while also standing out and flaunting their modern side.