Why Do You Need a Professional Jewelry Repair?

Why Do You Need a Professional Jewelry Repair?

It’s natural for metal to wear down over time as it becomes part of your life. So, it needs routine repair services to make it long lasting. If the jewelry stores in Albuquerque provide custom design jewelry, then they are most likely to have a professional who offers top-notch jewelry repair services.  Some of the common jewelry repairs people opt for are listed below:

  • Resizing a ring
  • Chain repair
  • Watch repair
  • Prong repair and more

Here are a few reasons to hire a professional jewelry repair in Albuquerque.

Your Jewelry Needs Some TLC

Durable materials such as metals and gemstones are used to make fine jewelry. But, have you ever thought why jewelry made from these materials requires regular maintenance? The answer is metals and gemstones are not always impervious, and the daily wear and tear on the jewelry causes more damage than we imagine. So, they are susceptible to scratches and cuts which make them look worn over time.  Moreover, if your jewelry is hit at the wrong place, the hit can knock a small gem out of its setting. Even the hand lotion can cause small crevasses in rings and makes it lose the sparkle. Get jewelry repair in Albuquerque to avoid these problems and get them fixed quickly.

Metal Fatigue

Metal fatigue occurs when gold or platinum is stressed by constant knocking or bending. The impact of hitting or the constant depression of your bracelets spring clasp or latch causes fatigue. The most common jewelry repairs are related to broken clasps.

So, choose the right jewelers who have technical skills, experience, and equipment necessary to provide competent solutions for jewelry and watch repair in Albuquerque.

Top Jewelry Maintenance Tips

Here is a whittled list of jewelry maintenance tips to prolong the life of your jewelry.

  • Remove your jewelry before any physical activity to limit the impact of bumping, scratching, hitting, and more.
  • Don’t wear jewelry while showering or putting makeup as the chemicals in the cosmetics, lotion, perfume, and more can damage your jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry before washing the dishes or playing in a pool because your jewelry goes through color fading and structural damage when exposed to certain chemicals in the pool.
  • Any kind of pulling on bracelets or chains causes stress that stretches and weakens the metal so avoid pulling on chains and bracelets.
  • Choose the right jewelry cleaners and storage options to keep your jewelry looking at its best.

Follow the above maintenance tips to keep your jewelry look anew. Also, choose the right jewelry shop that makes seamless jewelry repair without diminishing the value of your jewelry.