What Kind of Benefit You Can Expect from Trampoline Exercises

What Kind of Benefit You Can Expect from Trampoline Exercises

Using Trampoline for simply fun or really extremely good for your health? At first glance, the trampoline or mini-trampoline can be debated. Often associated with a game for children, it is nevertheless an exceptional sports accessory. During a group lesson or with a trampoline purchased for your home, discover this multi-function discipline. As you opt for the best exercise trampoline options, such as Jumping Jacks, Pelvic Floor jumps, Tuck Jumps, Squat Jumps, Seat Drops etc., you get a great many benefits. Here are the things that you should consider at the time of doing exercises with Trampoline. 

  • What benefits does it bring to practice? 
  • Which model to choose and which exercises to perform? Answers the sports coach.

The trampoline or mini-trampoline is not only a toy for children to place in their garden or in the playroom, it is also (and above all) a sport accessory. Some sports halls even offer group lessons with the object.

Whether you are a child or a grandparent, experienced or beginner, the trampoline is accessible to everyone. Sports interest, benefits and exercises to do with trampolines are perfect now.

There are two types of trampoline:

  • The lambda model
  • The mini trampoline 

This latest version is perhaps more suitable for beginners or those who want to optimize their sports session. In addition, a large trampoline requires more space than its miniature version, and can only be stored outside, or in a large room with a high ceiling to avoid injury.


Muscle strengthening

Its use is to strengthen his muscles, but also to stimulate his heart rate. The user will improve his coordination and balance.


Eliminating toxins is often what we are looking for when making so-called “classic” detox cures. Be aware that there are other ways to do this. Thanks to the back and forth movements, the trampoline stimulate your lymphatic system. It helps to remove keep your body healthy. But this is not the only detox effect, sweating that appears during and after a slightly intense trampoline-fitness session also helps to get rid of toxins. Good advice? Start your club sessions to discover the good sequences to reproduce at home.

Anti cellulite

This effect is explained by the fact that the blood circulation is stimulated during a trampoline session. In a few weeks, the orange peel flies away. To give you a more concrete idea, 20 minutes of jumps on the trampoline equivalent to 1h30 of anti-cellulite massage. 

The explanation?

The blood no longer stagnates and the flow acts as a “smoothing” agent for your buttocks and thighs. 

Improved balance

In constant instability on this accessory, you will work on your balance without noticing . The jumps modify your center of gravity and the body adapts logically so that you do not fall . Do not hesitate to opt for exercises on one foot (like lunges) to further stimulate your coordination and balance. Namely: your emotional balance is also reached since the trampoline places your mind in total relaxation.