Truest Options for the Best Spa Options

Truest Options for the Best Spa Options

Massage oil is used for many massages. However, there are many types of massage oil. Which oil is the best choice for giving your massages? We pay attention here to a number of important issues that you should pay attention to when choosing massage oil for relaxation massages. We also give some tips for different types of massage oil that you could use.

Massage oil must penetrate the skin well

In the first place, you must ensure that the oil does not get into the skin too quickly, but also does not leave a layer of fat behind. Find a good balance in this. It is not pleasant if the oil makes the skin too smooth. As a masseur you must be able to feel a slight friction. That is also more pleasant for the recipient of the massage, otherwise there is little contact and the massage only works superficially. Furthermore, it is also important that the oil penetrates well into the skin, so that your customer does not go home with a layer of fat on the skin. On the other hand, the oil should not immediately penetrate completely into the skin, causing too much friction and the massage can become painful. In our Relaxation Massage Course you will learn more about applying basic massage techniques and the use of massage oil. As you find a spas near me you can find them using these oils.

Choose natural ingredients

Choose a massage oil that is composed of natural ingredients. Massage oil with mineral ingredients, such as products with paraffin and Vaseline, are examples of oils that are not properly absorbed by the skin and leave a film on the skin. These oils seal the skin and are less nourishing. Also avoid massage products with synthetic dyes, preservatives or other chemicals. These ingredients give allergic reactions faster. Note: this does not mean that natural products can never cause allergic reactions or irritations. Always ask a new customer in advance if he or she is allergic to certain substances. It is good to always have a hypoallergenic massage product in your practice.

Massage oil must have a pleasant odor

The smell of the products you use is also important. This is a difficult point, because scent also has to do with personal preference. It is therefore a good idea to give your customer different choices. Most massage therapists notice in practice that customers often prefer a massage oil with a not too dominant odor. You can dilute scented oils with a base oil, so that the scent becomes a bit milder. It is also recommended to learn to make massage oil yourself with essential oils that have a certain effect on a person’s mood or with which you can better treat certain physical complaints. You can learn more about this in our Aromatherapy Course.

Tips for types of massage oil

Lavender massage oil

This is an ideal massage oil for relaxation massages, due to the calming effect of lavender. It is very suitable for people with sleeping problems or who suffer from a lot of stress. In addition, it is also an oil that makes the skin smooth and soft. The slightly sweet scent appeals to many people, but can sometimes be a little too strong. A little dilution may sometimes be necessary. You can do this for example with sunflower massage oil.