Things to explore before buying white gold necklaces for her

Things to explore before buying white gold necklaces for her

White gold is considered to be quite a popular material for making necklaces and other ornaments. But it is important to know and explore various aspects of white gold jewelry before buying it. In this regard, you are seriously supposed to know the below-described aspects beforehand. You can proceed to check for more regarding this.

How are white gold necklaces made?

These necklaces are generally yellow gold mixed with several other metals that eventually make this so-called alloy. White gold is not known to be completely white. It rather has a yellowish tint in it. This is the reason it is always coated with rhodium that happens to have white color.

Choose the Karat while purchasing a white gold necklace

Regarding choosing a white gold necklace for your girl or woman, you must decide on the karat first. You should know that more the karat, more the gold. For example, there is 58% pure gold in a 14 karat white gold necklace. Knowing such information is essential for you. The higher the karat, the more malleable the necklace is likely to be.

The rhodium plating is there to compensate for such softness by effectively making the surface of the necklace a little harder. Hence, the necklace is going to be quite durable despite it being malleable to some extent.

Does it contain nickel?

There could be some people that are allergic to nickel. As nickel is to be used to make this white gold necklace, it could be an issue. But there is rhodium plating to protect one’s skin from nickel allergy, but if the plating wears off, it will be a problem. In this regard, it would be best for you to go for those white gold necklaces nickel-free.

Should you go for the hollow or solid necklace?

White gold necklaces are known to be quite light. Due to this, it is known to be easier to damage it as it is likely to be less robust. There is a high chance that the necklace might get a dent if handled roughly. Hence, you are surely supposed to handle this product very carefully. To get rid of this problem, the best way for you would be to go for the solid white gold necklace option. The solid chains are supposed to be quite durable for obvious reasons. There are various types and kinds of solid necklaces that you must know about before buying one.