The SPA Works You Should Go Now

The SPA Works You Should Go Now

Transform, become a few steps closer to ideal is this not everyone’s dream? SPA-complex “Transfiguration” is able to fulfill this dream, returning you wonderful health, giving a boost of energy and making your appearance even more beautiful. A visit to makes things perfect now. You will know the best about the same here.

On the way to health

It is difficult to choose your favorite procedure from those that are part of this magical complex. All of them are not only useful, but also incredibly enjoyable. A foot massage will warm, relax and relieve pain. The technique of its execution by our masters is truly beautiful. Massage of the back and shoulders can do what even a personal psychologist is sometimes not capable of: it relieves stress and relieves depression. And this is only a small part of its healing effect.

Beauty gift

Your mood will improve significantly when, at the end of the complex, you will see your reflection. A wonderful and, importantly, quick effect is provided by our cleansing procedure for problematic skin. This is not a simple use of a cosmetic product, but a combination of several actions: exfoliation, massage and mask. You really will be transformed, and the ideal will cease to be unattainable.

The spa program includes the following procedures:

  • Foot massage, duration: 30 minutes,
  • Massage of the back, neck and shoulders, duration: 60 minutes,
  • SPA for the face (basic makeup removal, facial cleansing, face mask, face massage), duration: 60 minutes
  • When was the last time you woke up awake and rested? Gadgets, overnight food, processing and other stresses negatively affect sleep, causing fatigue and irritation in the morning.
  • In order to help you get enough sleep, we created the Sleepy Buddha program.

What is included in the spa program?

  • SPA for feet – 45 min
  • Indian massage – 60 minutes
  • Head massage – 15 minutes

You can choose the aroma that will accompany the procedure yourself we have lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine and mint.

The SPA program will return you to a sound sleep, which heals and restores our mental and physical resources, improves emotional intelligence and endurance in emergency situations.

During the spa for the legs, tension will disappear from your body, the discomfort in the body will disappear due to the mild effect on biologically active points. Indian massage will completely relax and distract from all the everyday hustle and bustle. The head massage will complete the program, which brings the mind into a state of balance and calm.

  • Calm down in a noisy metropolis and sleep baby sleep
  • Improve performance
  • It’s easier to get up in the morning

Relieve stress, tension and anxiety

We recommend that you complete the program and attend the procedures once a week – this will normalize your biorhythms, and sleep problems will cease to bother you in the long run. Allocate 2 hours for yourself and your health. The atmosphere and aromas during the procedure contribute to complete relaxation, and our masters will take care of your comfort and peace.