The different types of towels explained

The different types of towels explained

When checking through the ingredients of your bathroom you may be shocked not to see plastic in there, but a significant number of personal care such as face wash, body wash, etc. contain micro beads which are alarming for our society, and somehow they manage to enter our eco system which is harmful to all of us. It is always recommended to use natural and organic products and refrain from using such type of products which can do harm to our society. One may be thinking what could be 100% natural and organic, well one of the things you use daily is Towel [ผ้าขนหน, which is the term in Thai].  Towels provide a deep cleansing and wash away dead skin cells, using towels daily can help your skin glow and healthy. With lifestyle changing at a great rate, many people are now considering to live an organic lifestyle and bring those things in their life which are organic. 

What is Organic cotton?

Contrary to the belief that we should use pesticides on our crops and plants, organic cotton is not treated with any kind of thee harmful substances. It is grown in an eco-friendly environment, which helps keep the environment protected from harmful chemicals and protect the health of people worldwide.

What are the types of organic towel?

Organic cotton can be classified in to different categories based on their benefits:

  • Hand-woven varieties:

This is the method where vegetable dyes are used beside chemical substances to grow organic cotton where old method s of jacquard looms is used. This method makes the towel water absorbent and softer in use. The additional benefit of handwoven varieties is that they are available under different elegant, which surely appeal to many people.

  • Waffled style:

These are the lightweight cotton grown in pure organic cotton farms. One of the benefits of using these kinds of organic cotton is that they can draw away the water easily by evaporation.

  • Twilled varieties:

They are spun with diagonally twilled fabrics, without the use of any harmful chemical agents. These types of towels come in many colors and have the benefits of all of the above type. 

  • Terry clothes:

These are the form organic cotton that is created with good quality fibers giving it a touch of luxurious one. 

  • Cotton bamboo fusion:

They are cost-efficient and the towels are a blend of pure cotton and bamboo which makes it an effective choice for most of the peoples who often used to go to the beach, picnic, spa or pool. These towels are light weight, which is easy to carry and leave a natural feel to the skin after use.