Secret Recipe For Life: Stay Active, Healthy And Fashionable

Secret Recipe For Life: Stay Active, Healthy And Fashionable

Women always like to wear something that is not applauded but makes them look stylish and at the same time comfortable. This is where activewears come into picture. Activewear refers to garments/clothes that first serve the purpose of exercising and then pretty fashionably transitioning it to casual attire where the styles, fabrics and cut of the clothes mingle with people in a casual setting. 

Let us look into the benefits of activewear:

  1. They serve an active life mixed with a casual social life.
  2. They have more flexibility, style, functionality as well as comfort.
  3. They are apt clothing for physical fitness, relaxation as well as designed with function in mind, wicking away stretch, moisture, etc.
  4. They allow to be dressed appropriate for multiple activities suiting various environments.

Although there are various garments which can be categorically classified under activewear, but the most prominent and highly used are the under mentioned two:

  • Leggings – Elastic, close-fitting leg coverings are known as leggings.

Let us now probe into the merits of leggings:

  • Extremely comfiest piece of wearing irrespective of the weather, available for every occasion.
  • Being tightly fitted, leggings hold muscles firmly in place and improve blood flow to the muscles, enhancing athletic performance.
  • They not only lower the soreness of muscles but also enhance power, helping better jumps in gyms.
  • Excellent for travelling as they are quite light.
  • Look extremely fashionable and stylish even with boots.
  • Quite affordable, inexpensive and cost effective within budget.

  • Athletic Sports Bra – Women’s V- neck athletic sports bra is best suited for workouts giving amazing look with wide straps and attractive designs. It is the most comfiest for yoga, running, dancing, walking, zumba and spinning. 


  • Made up of soft elastic material.
  • Designed with removable bra cups.
  • Available in pullover design.
  • Shaped in V neck making them more stylish.
  • Designed to manage moisture.

Let us now understand the advantages of V-neck athletic sports bras in depth:

  • Feminine design – This increases confidence with comfort providing a perfect lift to curves.
  • Stylish – Being clasp-free, it can be easily put on and pulled off making them more appealing when wearing tees.
  • Supportive – The thick elastic brand perfectly holds the body without any pressure.
  • Sweat free- Purely designed to wick out perspiration, they keep the skin cool and dry.

So gals! In order to stay active, energetic and appealing, it is important to stay comfortable yet fashionable. Activewear gears you up and helps you push past your limits. They can be easily purchased from any nearby store or can be ordered easily online at Smash Marketing.