Look After Your Jewellery

Look After Your Jewellery

Different types of body piercing jewelry require different types and methods of care in order to keep them in top shape and keep your piercings healthy and un-infected. So when you are caring for your accessories you need to make sure you do so regularly and never ignore or bypass the information the person who pierced your body part for you tell you. As they are professionals and know what they are talking about, it is crucial to follow the steps that they provide to maintain your piercing supplies.

So here are a few tips to get you started after you have had your piercing done and have received your cleaning solution necessary for the particular piece of body piercing jewelry that you may own. Firstly, always ensure the protection of your accessories and prevent damage, put on your hair spray and perfumes before you put on your jewelry as they may contain harsh chemicals that may not only discolor your jewelry item but may get into the hole of the piercing causing it to become irritated and may lead to an infection.

Also ensure that you keep all of your items in a flannel bag or a cushioned container instead of chucking them all together as they may become scratched and ruined. This will keep them in good quality for a long period of time meaning that you do not have to spend more money on replacements!

These simple, yet effective and vital care techniques will enable you to prolong the life span of your body piercing jewelry, giving you the best experience and ensuring you remain healthy as well!

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