Know More about Popular Textiles and Fabrics Across the World

Know More about Popular Textiles and Fabrics Across the World

There is an endless list of fabrics around the world. Among these, what are the most popular fabrics and why it is so? Some of the reasons behind this are the durability, versatility as well as ease of care.

In this world, the pack of the most popular fabric is cotton. It is easy and the fiber is from the natural plant of the cotton. The fiber is natural. It has been cultivated around 5,000-7,000 years ago and gains the popularity from that time. Cotton is used to make shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, children’s clothes and other home related treatments such as curtains.  Common fiber of cotton includes denim, gingham, and canvas and so on. It was also blended with the other materials to create a cloth that washes better and last longer. 

Another fiber that was made from the flax plant’s fiber and this is known as Linen. The fiber is a symbol of wealth and purity. In very hot weather, the fabric has a great value for its coolness as well as freshness and its ease of care. It does not cling to the skin and a strong fabric as it is two to three times stronger than cotton. The high quality of the linen is free from those tiny knots along with the fabric. For the decoration of home, linen can be used and also used in men’s and women’s apparel. 

The process of tanning is performed with the help of leather. It is flexible as well as durable. Leather is a versatile material and can be used in Upholstery Fabric. Vegetable-tanned leather is less supple as compared to Chrome tanning. The cowhide is used to make the most number of leather. Upholstery fabric is used in furniture and home decoration.

The fiber comes from sheep, goats and rabbits are known as Wool, cashmere, and angora. Wool is a perfect fabric, especially for the winter season.  It ignites at a very high temperature as compared to cotton or other types of fabrics. The leading producer of Upholstery fabric in Australia and especially in high quality of Merino that belongs to the same sheep. It is used in the high quality of suits as well as several types of apparel of men as well as women and outwears also. 

All these world’s most popular types of fabric are also available in the market these days. But the availability varies depends on the season.