How To Apply The Bronzer Correctly

How To Apply The Bronzer Correctly

Narrow, oval or round, each woman has a face shape that is necessary to consider when applying makeup. To achieve the desired effect with the bronzer (บรอนเซอร์ which is the term in Thai), it is important to analyze before what is the shape of our face and take it into account before proceeding to make up.

Triangular Faces

The triangular face can be recognized by a pointed chin. The chin is narrower than the forehead, and the face has a heart shape. In this type of face, the bronzer is applied to the widest part of the face, next to the temples.

Square Faces

If you have a lot of space around the cheekbones and a strong chin, then your face is square. In these cases, the width of the chin and that of the forehead is practically the same. If you apply the bronzing powders carefully, you can make your face look narrower.

Round Faces

If the cheeks and forehead are approximately the same widths, and the chin is more rounded and soft, then your face is round. Tanning powders can make your face contour more marked, and your features soften. To do this, put the brush to the algal of the ear and apply the bronzing powder under the cheekbone towards the corner of the mouth.

Oval Faces

The oval face has a very balanced shape. A little tanning powder under the cheekbones can accentuate the shape of the face and make it look more soft and feminine.

Find the right shade to color your face

Choosing the right shade in your sun dusts is decisive, so you must make sure that the color matches your skin type. The dark bronze is too strong for clear skin, and it gives an unnatural look to your makeup. On the contrary, light tanning powders on dark skin will be virtually invisible. The correct tone will make a difference, so be careful when selecting your bronzing powders. A little trick not to fail is to apply a little bronzer on the bottom of the wrist. If the tone matches, it means that once applied to the face, the pigments will be more vivid and radiant. The idea is to choose a tone that is more darkly darker than that of the skin to create a natural complexion.