Here’s why women should always use a carabiner on their their purse

Here’s why women should always use a carabiner on their their purse

Many people go shopping trying to find a good deal. Some people are even so organized that they have already started buying for the holidays.

Unfortunately, many people make it easier for thieves. Women are the most vulnerable because many carry handbags that can easily be stolen once the victim’s back is turned.

All you need is a carabiner.

This tip is useful all year round, and is just as useful for your summer vacation as it is during the peak Christmas season.

It’s easy to be distracted and turn your back on shopping cart. And it only takes a few seconds for a thief to enjoy and use it.

So, try this: When you leave your purse in a basket, lock it with a carabiner.

As most women know, we carry our whole life in our handbags and it’s a nightmare if we lose it. In addition to losing money, it takes a lot of time to block cards, order new ones, order a new driver’s license and, in the worst case, change the locks in our house.

But there is one thing that is even safer than this practical trick. Just leave your bag at home and take with you only the card or money you need in a small, secure purse.

If you need to take a bag with you, make sure it is always closed, preferably with a zipper if it has one.

If you do not use a shopping cart, put your purse over the shoulder rather than on one shoulder and keep your bag close to your stomach.

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