Easy Tips To Clean A Sand And Water Table And Keep It Clean

Easy Tips To Clean A Sand And Water Table And Keep It Clean

Sand and water are two elements that children love the most to play with. Therefore a sand and water table can be an excellent plaything.

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Not only a sand and water table is fun to play with, but it also offers many benefits regarding sensory experiences and educational understanding.

A sand and water table can thus become a huge help in children’s development.

While you may be planning to purchase pull along wagon at Step2 Direct you should also consider buying a sand and water table for your kid for her healthy development along with great enjoyment.

However, no matter how nice a sand and water table is for children’s growth, it can also be a breeding ground for germs and diseases if it’s not cleaned properly.

If you are wondering how to clean your kid’s sand and water table and how to keep it clean, here are a few tips that you might find useful.

Image Courtesy: step2direct.com.au

How to Clean Your Kid’s Sand and Water Table?

Cleaning the Sand

The sand in a Step2 Direct kids sand and water play table should be cleaned regularly of foreign substances and must be replaced as frequently as required.

Aim for keeping the sand visibly clean and make sure it’s free from unnecessary materials. Consider using sand rakes and colanders to sift through the sand and clean it.

Add Fresh Water Right Before Children Start Playing

Just when your children are about to start playing at the table, fill it with fresh portable water. It’s a good idea to set a suitable inlet and outlet for water in order to fill the table with free-flowing portable water.

Wash the Basins and Toys at the End of the Day

The water and sand basins of the table and toys should be sanitised at the end of the day.

Use a solution of two teaspoons of bleach and one gallon of water to wash the table. Rinse thoroughly and let the table dry completely.

How to Keep the Sand and Water Table Clean?

Keep it Covered

When it’s not in use, keep the table covered to avoid becoming dirty. If a cover has not been provided with the table, use cardboard or plastic for covering it.

Sift the Sand

Sifting the sand at least once a week will make sure the sand at the bottom is moved to the top and the sand is aerated.

Ask Children to Wash Hands

Before children start playing at the sand and water table and after they finish playing, ask them to wash their hands.

Don’t allow them to play at the table if they have sores, cuts or scratches on their hands, until the wounds are healed. This will prevent infections.

Use Sterilised Sand

Using the prepackaged sterilised sand is a good idea because such sand is free from harmful or toxic materials.

You can also spread the sand and pick out any debris and mist the sand with sanitiser and then let it air dry.

Keep the sand and water table clean with these tips and make sure your children are safe while having fun.