Do you give flowers at graduation?

Do you give flowers at graduation?

A graduation ceremony is a formal event to attend. It is a moment to celebrate someone’s accomplishment. Participating in celebrating someone’s graduation becomes part of us as family members, friends, and relatives to be happy and prougd of their achievements. They have worked hard to get a degree and finish their education well.

One way to show happiness and pride in them is to give them something of value. One of the graduation gifts is flowers. Giving flowers at a graduation ceremony is a thoughtful act to show your concern for their success. 

Top Five Flowers For Graduation

Several types of flowers have meanings that can represent the expression of graduation, such as good luck, affection, love, and happy life. Therefore, we need to think carefully about what flowers to choose.

  1. Roses

Often an expression of love, red roses are the right choice for graduation gifts. Giving roses at the graduation ceremony shows love and admiration. More than that, any color of roses is always a good choice to give.

  • White roses are symbols of a new beginning, genuine, and respect. 
  • Pink roses are a symbol of happiness.
  • Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, joy and happiness.
  • Orange roses are a symbol of enthusiasm and desire. 
  1. Carnation

The flowers that most often used as congratulations. Carnations mean a flower of gods. Most often used as a boutonniere or corsage, but in a bouquet, it will also look sweet thanks to the ruffled shape and spicy floral scent. They are several color options that you can choose according to the meaning they have. 

  • Red carnation means showing admiration and pride.
  • A pink carnation means never forgetting what you’ve done.
  • White carnation means showing affection.
  1. Peonies

In China, the flowers have become a significant symbol and are known as the king of flowers. They represent wealth and honor. Giving peonies at the graduation ceremony means that you are showing a wish of luck. You pray that they will continue to have a happy life in their new life journey.

  1. Chrysanthemums

The mums are perfect for giving at graduation because they have bold colors. They are often gifts to show appreciation. If you are giving a combination of red mums and white mums, it represents true love. Very good given to a girlfriend who will graduate.

  1. Tulips 

The flowers used to be the most expensive in the world. Giving tulips as a graduation gift is the right choice. It means you appreciate what they have done and gone through, saying a good job for what they already achieved.

Flower Arrangements for Graduation 

Tips to make the flowers look more beautiful and sweet. There are three forms of flower arrangements that you could make by yourself and give it at graduation.

  • Leis: an American tradition, especially in California, is to give leis at graduation. The flowers arrangement can be attached to the shoulder. They become a symbol of good luck for the new chapter of their life. With leis, they will look more elegant. Choose flowers with large petals and bright colors, such as roses, carnations, peonies, and mums. 
  • Corsages or boutonnieres: although often used at weddings or engagements. But giving corsages or boutonnieres can also be an option at graduation. Graduates will look more elegant wearing them when their names are called and walk up to the stage.
  • Bouquet: the flower arrangements that are common at graduation. Beautiful and simple. You can choose a bouquet with one type of flowers or several types at once. You can even decorate the bouquet with additional accessories such as balloons, dolls, or food and money. 

Best Time to Giving Flowers at Graduation

Graduators are emotional when entering the graduation period. There are so many things they need to do, so it is hard to choose the right time to give flowers to them. It is necessary to know the right time to give flowers as congratulations on the sidelines of the busy schedule of graduates responding to many people who also congratulated and prepared to go on stage. Therefore, here is the right time to be able to give graduation bouquet .

  • Before graduation day: consider giving flowers before graduation day. You can send flowers before D-Day. It could increase the energy and confidence of graduators to live it tomorrow. Give flowers that are fresh and fragrant.
  • After receiving their degree: you can stand by below the stage and give the flowers when they have earned their degree would be very sweet. Be it leis or bouquet, those who graduate will feel very happy and warm heart for the attention given. Most family members and closest friends are doing this.
  • After the ceremony: while having an after party of the graduation ceremony, you can give flowers to decorate the event. 

Tips for Choosing The Right Flower for Graduation

Although there are many choices of types of flowers that are suitable for graduation according to the meaning of the symbols they have. But there are other important things to consider so that flowers make a thoughtful gift to give. Here are a few tips to give at the graduation party.

  • Choose bright and bold flower colors like red, yellow, orange. They have the meaning of success and good luck. Fit to give wish luck for a new journey.
  • At a party, it would be better to choose flowers according to the color of the event’s theme. Be consistent with the decorations used so that the flowers or centerpieces you give are not too flashy on their own or not too visible. 
  • When you are confused about which type of flower to choose, then you can always pick up roses. It’s classic.

If you can not make it to a graduation ceremony

When you can not attend the graduation ceremony, you can send flowers with a card to express your feeling. Although your presence is what they need, the flowers you give can represent you there. Flowers will provide emotional support to those who receive them and they will still appreciate what you have done.

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