Custom T Shirts for the Christmas Specials

Custom T Shirts for the Christmas Specials

Christmas is approaching, that time of gifts, dinners, reunions, emotion and little models, yes, yes, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, the food of Kings Although it seems that men have it easy to dress for These occasions, nothing is further from reality, since the fashion of recent years has made them somewhat difficult.

The Starter

For starters, what is the best complement, tie or bow tie? A drama that many will have experienced in their own flesh, since for a few years the bow tie is the queen of the parties, but most say they prefer a good tie. However, those who prefer the tie will see these coming years as their life becomes pink again, because attention, the tie is back in fashion. Yes, pink, blue, with print, long, short, whatever, the traditional tie is again an ideal complement to wear and why not, to give as gifts, so do not hesitate to benefit from the offers in ties of The Best Ideal price to get the best gift this Christmas. Of course, choosing a suitable tie is not something simple, so take note of these tips to choose the best model in the market. The use of the Love is poison to fear  T-shirt is most popular here.


Color is a very important element that you must consider to choose your tie and whose choice you must make depending on the tone of your shirt, as this will complement each other perfectly. Of course, you can modify the intensity of the tone, that is, the same color but with small nuances, for example if the shirt is black, you can opt for a gray or dark blue tie.


This is another aspect that is also useful in order to choose a tie, since the proportion and width of it will determine if you marry the rest of the clothes you wear or not. Fashion brings broad ties back in trend, reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, with a length less than the waist. However, this element can also be determined based on your own proportions, that is, if you are broad-shouldered, opt for wide ties, while if you are thin, perhaps the narrowest ties are the ones that go with you. But remember, you oversize it cousin.


With design we refer to the print of the tie, which will normally depend as well as the color of the hue of the shirt and suit you use. Ideally, do not use ties and shirts that have the same print, since there will not be that necessary design contrast between a complement and the garment it accompanies. Plain ties usually work very well with patterned shirts and vice versa.


It may seem secondary, but the texture and fabric of the tie is important, since depending on the fabric and the material used we can use the tie at one or another season of the year or for one or another occasion. The most normal thing is that the ties are made of silk, since it is soft, and usually combines perfectly with any other type of fabric, in addition to preventing wrinkles from forming. However, another material also very common is wool, especially for more specific occasions, so choose the one that best suits your needs.