Choosing the Essential Setups in the Best Shirts

Choosing the Essential Setups in the Best Shirts

Men’s chic is based on simplicity. A garment or an accessory will be able to marry to different styles, if it is well chosen at the beginning. And among the inevitable multi-styles, there is of course a basic, the shirt.

Choose Men’s Shirt Size

Whether for a party, a meeting or a barbecue at home, if it is well chosen, the shirt can be worn for any occasion. With the Redneck Shirts and Apparel the looks change now.

How to choose your shirt size for men?

Why crack on a custom shirt, when you can buy them in stores? By ease regarding size? This is probably because you lack landmarks to make sure that the size of the shirt suits you or not. For a shirt to go, it must first be properly cut and adapted to your case size. Here are some clues to choose it.

Shoulders: the seam of the shirt should fall on the acromion. But if you know, that little lump that connects your clavicle to your shoulder blade. This detail is very important; it ensures that your shirt is your size. A technique that is also valid for most clothes.

The collar: makes all the difference. 

And again, nothing simpler: make sure you can button it without choking you. You must be able to slip one or two fingers between your neck and your neck to be certain of your comfort. There are several trendy shirt collars to adopt according to your morphology and your tastes.

The torso: here again your comfort passes in priority. Your shirt should not be too tight, but do not have to float. The trick is to make sure you can punch your chest and shirt. This technique is valid for your size, by punching between the shirt and the belly button.

The sleeves: first check your shirt under the armpits: you must have the possibility of pinching the fabric of your shirt at a rate of about 1.5cm. Similarly on the length of the sleeve, also paying attention to what happens between the beginning of the thumb and the wrist. The shirt sleeve should also be wide enough if you wear a watch.

And to avoid confusing and go faster in your selection, always keep in mind the size chart of men’s shirts. Here is how to retain the shirt sizes and their correspondence:

  • Size in figures
  • Size in letters
  • Size of the choker

At every morphology his shirt

Because the choice of a shirt must also be done according to the morphology and the style of each one. Indeed, we often try to find out what shirt goes with a suit, or what tie goes with such shirt.