How can you choose the perfect personalized gifts: 3 ways!


Looking to buy perfect personalized gifts Singapore in affordable prices, as well as charming, useful and attractive? Opting for this type of personalized present is ideal to differentiate ourselves and to make a good impression on the other person.

The best thing about buying personalized gifts in Singapore is that you need no particular occasion. For this reason, for years personalized gifts have been more and more frequent, be they card holder, air pod, beauty pouch, mini shoulder bags, laptop case, etc. These types of presents make a good impression on the people who receive them, since they realize that we have taken care to give them something that really fits their needs and their personality.

Consider the hobbies

This advice is essential when choosing a personal gift for someone, since the tastes and hobbies of the recipient can give us clues as to what will make him more excited or what he can identify with the most. For example, ask yourself several questions. Does he use laptop? Does he listen to music? Does she love traveling? By answering these questions, you will be able to identify if it is better to give her an air pod case, a laptop case or a mini shoulder leather bag?

Ask about the needs

Another key to getting a personalized gift right is giving something that meets the person’s needs. That is, something useful and that they need or something that they have wanted for a long time. Therefore, we recommend that you ask the person what they need or what they would like to buy if they could.  Observation is also very important for this advice.

Think about the personality

Personality is the third protagonist axis of this type of gifts, since if you know the other person very well and especially his way of being. You will have enough clues to make him a gift that he will never forget. It is about giving him a gift that sends him/her a clear message, you know and value the unique qualities and therefore the identity. Notice if he is romantic, smug, adventurous, sportsman, environmentalist, innovator, spiritual, intellectual, etc. Based on this, write down all the unique features on a paper and thinks about which gift would best suit the recipient.

We hope that these little tips have helped you choose the best gift for that person. Personalized Gifts are the perfect gifts for any gifting occasion.

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International Women’s Day: How Can we Create Safer Dating Environments for Women?


From all of us here at At First Sight, we wish you all a very wonderful International Women’s Day. It is an important time of year, to recognise all that women do and contribute, to celebrate their empowerment and support, and to ask how we can make the world better for them. At First Sight’s founder, Georgina, has been celebrated for these reasons this Women’s Day in interviews. We believe that change starts with individuals, but businesses make a huge impact on the environment of women, which is why we’re asking how we can create a safer dating environment for women.


The Dating Climate

We all tend to lead very busy lives, which can put dating and finding a soulmate on the backburner. Dating apps have made dating easy, quick and accessible to all, even in a fast-paced environment. The problem is that they are not necessarily working as intended and many women have some concerns.


Women’s Concerns

Threads such as this one on Reddit allowed women to share their grievances and previous experiences with dating sites and heavily featured concerns such as the legitimacy of people’s intentions, people not being fully vetted and often either in a marriage or relationship already or not who they say they are. Other concerns include unwanted messages, unsolicited pictures and the prevalence of men who only want to talk or sext and refuse to meet face to face. How can we expect to form good strong connections this way?


Is Online Dating Safe?

The safety of online dating has also been an issue. As stated in a recent article by Psychology Today, common online dating issues such as lies, unsolicited requests and propositions, catfishing, scams and basing decisions on superficial things such as profile pictures and exaggerated biographies can cause lasting problems. Dating websites need to do better.



There are many ways dating sites can improve to solve the most common concerns surrounding dating sites:

  • Profile approval processes to better vet candidates
  • Membership limits such as subscriptions to ensure higher calibre of people and to deter spam and scam profiles
  • Conversation limits to avoid spamming and increase mystery
  • Matches that rely on relationship experts rather than superficial choices
  • Formal introductions made safely by a member of the dating company to ensure safety and comfort


We don’t believe women should have to put their safety and wellbeing at risk in order to meet people, and that’s why we’re changing the dating scene for the better, making it safer and more likely to deliver long-lasting connections. Find out more here to see how to become part of the change!




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The perfect Options For Using Acne Cream


Hydration of the skin is like hydration of your body. In the same way that you will have trouble twerking if you do not drink for 6 days, your skin will be less beautiful if you do not hydrate it regularly.

So certainly, having beautiful skin is not a vital need or a life goal for everyone (it is also rather subjective), but personally, it always makes me happy to see my skin texture smooth and devoid of any imperfection. Giving her skin what she needs can improve her condition in the long run. It can be water (hydration), “fat” (nutrition), or other active ingredients to address skin problems. Attention, it is important to be aware that what you apply on your face is not the only factor to play in the state of your skin. With the Acne Skin Care Cream  you can come up with the best deals now.

Food, pollution, hormones, and generally internal metabolism are also reflected.

Understanding your skin to choose a moisturizer

Now that you know what a moisturizer is for, you can now think about what your skin needs. And believe me, it’s not the easiest! Even we have certain days when we don’t understand my skin. The skin changes over the course of life, which means that the same person can see their skin type change according to their environment, their eating habits, or even a pregnancy.

Besides, the same face can have different skin types at the same time, depending on the area! This is the case of what is called combination skin, which has the T-zone (chin, forehead, nose and center of the cheeks) oily, and the rest of the face is dry.

To help you learn more about skin types and finally know yours, we invite you to read Manu’s article on this subject.

Once you know how to recognize the specifics of your skin (need for radiance, nutrition, etc.), we can help you know what type of moisturizer is right for you.

Choose your moisturizer according to your skin’s needs

If you do not have any face cream, we suspect that you will not specifically want to embark on the purchase of a complete routine of products with serum, day cream, night cream, lotion and so on.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter! The idea is to find a product that suits you and is comprehensive enough to meet the needs of your skin.

Choosing a moisturizer when you have dry skin

If you have dry skin, it taut, even peeling sometimes, it means that it lacks fat because it does not produce enough sebum. What you need to look for is therefore branded creams “nourishing”, “rich”.

In the description of the ingredients, research as much as possible the presence of vegetable oils such as “Butyrospermum Parkii” (shea butter), “Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil” (argan oil). The sooner these ingredients arrive in the list of ingredients, the greater their quantity in the product, and therefore the richer the cream (and that’s what we like!).

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7 Rakhis which are Chic yet Auspicious for Sweetheart Brother 

Guest Post

Bond of brother and sister can’t describe in words because it is the most unique relationship when you would never know that when they would start to fight and reunite after a while. It is the whimsical relationship that’s why it is celebrated in Indian as a Raksha Bandhan festival. Yes, in the whole worldwide, India is the country which celebrates and cherish this mesmerizing bond of siblinghood.  On this blog, you would get some wonderful Rakhi ideas for brother which would surely win his heart. 

As the name suggests Raksha Bandhan, that means a bond of protection. On this special day, in India, a sister ties Rakhis around the wrist of brother and wish for his long, prosperous and happy life. This Raksha Bandhan, regardless of age and distance, turns the occasion into the most beautiful one for your darling brother by sending auspicious yet very attractive Rakhi to him if he is living far. Also, you can tie the below suggested Rakhis on the wrist of your adorable brother if he is staying with you. 

Let’s have the look at some gorgeous yet very auspicious Rakhis on the wrist of brother. 

Om Rakhi

Om is the most sacred sign which is highly valued in Hinduism and known for bringing prosperity and removing negativity. So, this Raksha Bandhan ties Om Rakhi around the wrist of your brother and makes him feel your pure love. Also, this Rakhi would not only decorate the wrist of brother but also bring peace and happiness in his life. 

Swastika Rakhi 

Swastika Rakhi is admired among people for its ability to bring happiness and good luck. It is a holy sign that will surely make your brother feel how special he is and how much you care about him. 

 Ganesha Rakhi 

It is a beautiful Rakhi which is nowadays in trend. This Rakhi is not only propitious but also beautiful in look. This Rakhi would definitely admire by your brother. So, let’s make the occasion of Raksha Bandhan the most happening one for him and wish him the best wishes for life. 

Sandalwood Rakhi 

It is a beautiful Rakhi which has a pleasing fragrance and attractive design. You can tie this Rakhi to your brother because it would surely bring a big smile on the face of a brother. 

Silver Rakhi

Silver Rakhi is ideal Rakhi to tie on the wrist of a brother because silver is known for its high auspicious value. This Rakhi would bring prosperity and peace in the life of a brother. Also, it is trendy Rakhi which goes well both with traditional as well as formal attire. 

Sai Rakhi 

Celebrate the Raksha with the Sai Rakhi. It is the most auspicious Rakhi which would surely protect your brother from the bad spirits and bring good luck in his life. 

Shree Rakhi 

Shree Rakhi is highly known Rakhi in the Hindu culture. This Rakhi brings love, happiness, positivity and prosperity in the life of a brother. So, let’s buy this amazing yet very propitious Rakhi on the wrist of your handsome brother and turn the occasion into the most special one for him. 

All the above suggested Rakhis are very unique Rakhis for brother which would surely take your relation up to the next level when your brother would know that how much you care about him via these Rakhis. If you want to buy or send auspicious yet trendy Rakhi online, then you can visit online Rakhi portal i.e. It is a reliable online Rakhi shop where you would get pure silver Rakhi and other Rakhi designs online to win the heart of your dearest brother and make him feel your love and care. 

So, hurry up and place the order of your favorite Rakhi from there and enjoy the occasion with the full heart.

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Can we wear pajamas out of the house

New Post

You can’t quite imagine yourself walking down the street in your PJs? Well, you need to expand your imagination. Actually, pajama dressing has become a stable high fashion trend. Wearing sleeping wear during the day was a part of the college campuses lifestyle. But it is no longer limited to that. You can check different collections of famous designers and brands – for example, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna – and you will find a palette of pajama-inspired models.

So the short answer to the question “Can we wear pajamas out of the house?” is yes, we can. And I will back my statement with some facts and reasons why you should wear your PJs outside. Here they are:

  • Pajamas are the most comfortable clothing ever designed. By wearing pajamas you have no restriction. You can do whatever you want. And this feeling of freedom is just so liberating.
  • PJs can be too funny and nice for just sleeping in them. Some of them are pieces of art. For real. And that is why they are a part of the high fashion. An interesting brand with a great idea is Pajamas For Peace.
  • You can make whatever crazy combinations you like. You can wear sneakers or slippers with them.
  • Pajamas are really practical. They are stylish and at the same time comfortable. Also, they are machine washable. Think about that!
  • Sleeping clothing is the perfect tool for showing the world who you really are.
  • And if you are a fashion maniac, then you know pajamas are trendy right now. So be different and interesting. The world is full of boring people. Why don’t you be the opposite?
  • They are suitable for different occasions. Of course, you can use them for sleeping, but you can also wear them while lounging or at parties.
  • There is an abundance of PJs models. You can get a suitable piece for every season. Here are some of them: nightshirts, nightdresses, robe sets, jumpsuits, nighties, pajama set, shorts set and so on.
  • Some of the models are so cozy. You couldn’t be cold with them.
  • Timesaving is my favorite benefit. You will save massive amounts of time if you don’t have to change clothes in the morning. And this will give you an extra minute or two for sleeping. Now isn’t that cool. 

To wear PJs outside your home is interesting and at the same time a very brave choice. You make a statement about who you are and what you love. Clothes are a representation of our essence, so choose what you want to communicate to the world and be provocative. This way you will be remembered. Pick the right pajamas for you. There are so many choices in the market. Choose a piece made from high-quality fabrics that will last longer and make you feel comfy and happy while you are wearing it. After all, clothing is not just something that protects us and keeps us warm. It has to make us feel good and more like ourselves.

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Reward Your Brother with The Most Beautiful Rakhi gifts!!


Brothers are the greatest blessing in life. In the form of brother, we get a friend who is always there for us and listen to all our non-sense talks and keep all our secrets a secret. He protects us from all the evil eyes and always stands by our side in thick and thin in life. As Raksha Bandhan is about to come, so what is your plan this year to make it very special for your beloved brother? Send Rakhi online to UK or any other part of the world along with Rakhi gift for your brother and make the occasion memorable. 

If you have not planned anything yet, then this is the right page where you landed up. In this blog, you would know some trendy yet very thoughtful gifts for your darling brother which can turn the special day of Raksha Bandhan into the unforgettable day. 

Let’s see some magnificent Rakhi gifts which would surely turn the occasion of Raksha Bandhan into the most happening one for your sweet brother. 

  1. House plant

House plant would be the thoughtful yet very unique gift for your darling brother. This is the gift which will not only decorate the home of your beloved brother but also improve the quality of the air where it is placed. So, let’s gift the amazing house plant for your adorable brother as a Rakhi gift and make him feel how much you care about him. This is the gift which he would surely love. 

  1. Photo Scrapbook

Photo scrapbook is a wonderful gift to reminisce the memories from childhood to till date that you have created with your dear brother. Yes, you can give a beautiful photo scrapbook to your brother as a Rakhi gift which has all beautiful photos of both of you. This is the gift which will surely melt the heart of your brother and bring the tear of joy into his life. This gift will also enhance the bond of love that you share with your brother because he will realize by seeing this gift that he lived the most beautiful life because you are in it. 

  1. Wristwatch

All the boys love to wear a wristwatch because it enhances their personality. Like the other boys, your brother will also like this gift of yours. So, let’s gift a branded wristwatch to your beloved brother and bring a wide smile on his face. 

  1. Electric trimmer

It is the most useful gift for your adorable brother. He will surely love it and this gift makes him feel how much you thought about him. Also, every time he will use this gift, a big smile will come on to his face because he will surely think about you. He will feel blessed to have such a loving sister in his life.  

  1. A bouquet of beautiful flowers 

Flowers do the best job for expressing love without uttering a single word. So, this Raksha Bandhan expresses your heartfelt love towards your sweet brother by gifting him a bouquet of beautiful flowers as a Rakhi gift. It is the best gift which easily can make the receiver feel how much the giver loved him. So, this Raksha Bandhan shows your gratitude for having an amazing brother by giving the beautiful flower to your lovely brother. 

Hope, your brother would like the above-suggest gifts and this will take your relationship with brother up to the next level. For buying gifts for adorable brother, you can visit an online Rakhi portal i.e Here, apart from the above-suggested gifts, you will get other gifts such as Rakhi with sweets, cakes, personalized gifts and others. Also, you can send Rakhi online to UK or any other place in the world with ease.

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Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Getting a Spray Tan


Everybody wants to flaunt their summer body look. Summer means less clothing and more skin display. Who doesn’t love a perfectly tanned beach body? Today, people prefer to get Full Body Tanning to avoid looking like a pale-skinned human. It is a new generation, and people prefer fake tan than baking their skin for real. There are plenty of spray tan products available in the market. Moreover, there are many other ways to get your skin tanned at home that can be effective. However, it has a risk of turning your skin orange, leading to a fake look.

Spray Full Body Tanning is one of the preferable methods used by Americans. A spray tan can hardly last for about a week or so. But if you look after it, then it can last for more than a week. We have listed seven tan spray tips you need to remember before hopping in a spray tan booth.

Image result for Spray Tan

Shower and exfoliate before you tan

In Full Body Tanning, make sure to use a good body scrub to exfoliate your skin. Remove dry, flaky, and dead skin from head to toe. Exfoliation helps smooth application of the tan on your skin. Plus, it looks even and gives excellent results.

Apply lotion every day

Keeping your skin hydrated before and after the application is essential. If you want to preserve your tanned body for a longer time, then apply lotion daily. Hydration will make your tanned skin softer and nourished after skin tanning.

Pat, don’t rub, your skin dry

Avoid rubbing your skin with a towel or any scrubber. If you want to preserve your newly tanned body, then pat dry your skin after getting out of the shower. Moreover, avoid using coarse washcloths or loofahs to maintain its longevity.

Wear nail polish

Coat your nails with a nail paint to protect it from the spray tan. However, if you have manicured nails, then don’t worry about it getting ruined because your nails will be cleaned later.

Think about your bathing suit

Some people hate tan lines and prefer to get spray tan without wearing anything. The spray tan can stain your fabric, and you may face difficulty in removing the marks. You can wear an old bathing suit to avoid staining on your new one.

Apply barrier cream

Your elbow, knees, and ankles may look pigmented and too dark after spray tanning. To avoid maximum absorption of the spray tan, do not forget to apply a barrier cream. Most of the salons will offer you barrier cream before starting the spray tanning process, so do not skip it.

Look for a discount deal

Full body tanning can be very costly. However, various salons will provide you with great discounts and deals on sites like Endless Sun Tanning. If you are doing it for the first time, then make sure you don’t end up paying a huge amount.

Lastly, choose the right salon, which offers you the right tan for your skin tone. If you want a darker skin tone, then you can visit the salon the next day for a second coat.

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Changing Lifestyle Causing Obesity in Pets


Today, there are many pets that suffer from obesity. In fact, a recent study has shown that more than 25 percent of the pets suffer from obesity. Most pet owners are unaware of the factors that are causing obesity in their pets. The problem in pets is caused to advancement in technology and changing lifestyle of people.

Most people have become accustomed to the benefits that technology has offered us. We try to take short-cuts to reach our goals. For instance, we require a transport when we go for jogging even if the park is close to our home. Scientists have created gadgets like cell phones, dishwashers and many other gadgets that have made life simple and easy. Even though we have many gadgets to make are life easy we still don’t find time to take care of our pets. We fell lazy to take out pet for a walk that can do wonders to their health.

Most people want to be a part of the mad rush to reach the top without knowing how to deal with people who care for them. They forget to spend time with their loved ones because they don’t know how to slow down. They have time to stare at their screen but don’t find time to spend with their pets. Earlier, most people enjoyed outdoor activities because it gave them an opportunity to spend time with their family and friends. Today, most people want to earn more in the limited time that they have. They are looking for higher status in the society and are losing out on their family life.

When we start neglecting our family they look at ways of filling up that void. Your pets are a part of your family and they are usually dependent on their owners for their needs. When you don’t take care of them they become dull and obese. They are forced to live in cramped places because you have shift to a new location for better job opportunities. As apartments become cramped, they don’t have their own space and they are forced to invade our space.

Obesity in pets can have adverse impact on their life span. Obesity not only reduces their life span but also makes them dull and unhealthy. When your pet is unhealthy they develop several complications like problems in joints, heart and even diabetes.

Since we have little time for our pets be try to feed them ready-made pet food that is not healthy for them. We start taking short-cuts and give them fast food that is easy to prepare and serve. We don’t have to toil in the kitchen to make food that is nutritious and healthy for them.

People who stay at home and don’t take their outdoors are risking the life of their pet. Sedentary lifestyle that causes diabetes in humans can also cause diabetes in pets. Most people who are unable to spend time with their pets try to compensate them with gifts that aggravate the problem. They get them food that has high carbohydrate content that is tasty but unhealthy.

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Simple Tips Towards Building a Healthier Lifestyle


We all know that being healthy is a vital part of a long and happy life. However, actually taking action to stay healthy can sometimes seem like a chore. After a busy day at the office, relaxing with a packet of crisps and a television programme often seems like a more attractive option than an apple and a trip to the gym. However, if you’re keen to stay healthy and but can’t seem muster up the energy to do so, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to keep fit and eat well without completely giving up on the things you love.

When it comes to eating well, a mix of restraint and purchasing the right food can work wonders. For starters, eating a large, healthy breakfast can help. Choose porridge oats or another a cereal that is high in fibre and low in sugar, and pairing it with a piece of slow energy releasing fruit – like a banana – can ensure you remain full until lunch and don’t snack in between meals. If you’re accustomed to buying pre-prepared sandwiches for lunch, try making your own instead as shop-bought sandwiches can have a surprisingly high sugar and fat content. Alternatively, make a little extra food at dinner and have leftovers for lunch. In general, avoid crash dieting and choose foods with a low glycaemic index to boost your overall energy levels. Low GI carbohydrates include sweet potatoes, brown rice and spaghetti, while broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms and frozen peas are all low GI vegetables.

Remember, however, that eating well is only part of the solution to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is important too and doesn’t need to be difficult. For instance, if the idea of a run doesn’t appeal to you and you live within two miles of your workplace, consider a brisk walk to work rather than driving – that should total around one hour’s exercise each day you make the journey by foot. On the other hand, if you’d like to visit a gym but you’re embarrassed about being seen to be a novice, think about hiring a personal trainer to workout with once or twice a week. Yoga is also worth considering. Usually associated with meditation and stress relief, there are many types of yoga to choose from and some can be surprisingly strenuous, aiding respiration and muscle tone. Some yoga instructors may even pay house calls, if you can organise a large enough group to attend.

Nevertheless, no matter how much we try to maintain a balanced lifestyle, it can be hard to banish small – and often unhealthy – everyday comforts. If you’re worried about the state of your health, you may be able to put your mind at ease by having a medical check-up. Such health assessments usually involve a physical test, an examination of medical history and a lengthy consultation with a doctor to determine health strengths and weaknesses. Though they can be expensive, they’re often worth considering in order to gain a realistic picture of your health situation and may even be covered by a cash plan, if you have one. Ultimately, a check-up offers you valuable peace of mind and your results may indicate whether you’re eating the right number of apples and pears, or whether you should cut back on a few more chips each week.

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Ideal Dieting Plan Includes Minor Lifestyle Adjustments


When folks want to reduce pounds quickly an appropriate fast weight loss plan will be required. Although, an appropriate rapid diet program does not consist of skipping meals or treats, eating just one type of food, ingesting just a single beverage or even taking a pill. Instead people should establish goals, adopt minor lifestyle modifications as well as have non-food bonuses.

First thing is making goals. Dieters must have goals in order to measure results. Those goals will help track if certain methods are working or else whether adjustments must be made in order to meet that target in the future. When instant results are not observed a person is much more inclined to stop. But, an individual should not fret in the event a desired result may not be attained.

An individual should set little, attainable targets. Adopting unrealistic desired outcomes just causes disappointment. Alternatively, too undemanding of targets possibly will not provide positive results. Both of these situations result in people being much more apt to stop. Therefore, a person establishing aggressive but also achievable desired outcomes is ideal for fat loss.

A final suggestion regarding targets happens to be putting them in writing. Set those end targets around a person’s home. Frequently viewing targets is an effective incentive whenever adhering to a quick slimming down program.

Step two is adopting slight daily routine changes. Dieters should adopt a healthy routine whenever possible. While utilizing a popular fast weight loss plan a lot of folks want to incorporate dramatic modifications. But, eating habit as well as lifestyle changes do not have to be extreme. Little tweaks result in huge results. Furthermore, minor changes will not aggravate folks. When aggravated dieters are more apt to stop.

A last action is to have non-food bonuses once objectives are reached. People might discover a lot of dedication and commitment are required whenever sticking to a wonderful dieting plan. Hence, folks should be compensated when desired outcomes are attained. Although, a fantastic reward will not be food. If people use food items for a bonus it could actually backfire. As for instance, when a target is accomplished and a person consumes a couple cookies this individual may experience guilt. As a consequence these people may feel like failures and are much more inclined to stop.

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