6 Things You Need to Build the Perfect DIY Rakhi Gift Hamper

6 Things You Need to Build the Perfect DIY Rakhi Gift Hamper

Rakhi hampers make for the most adorable gift for your sibling. They are thoughtful, pretty and have a way of making the receiver feel special. Rakhi hampers are extremely popular and easily available online. However, putting together a hamper with your hands and selecting personalised Rakhi gifts makes the whole gifting experience more intimate.

Before we get started on the items make sure you have some basic supplies required for the hamper, like:

·        A beautiful basket, preferably brown

·        A shiny mesh cloth (for wrapping purposes)

·        Baby’s breath or other dainty flowers for decoration

·        Ribbon

·        A pair of scissors

·        A card

·        Glue

·        Pens

Whether you are gifting your sister or a brother, there are a few essential items that make a Rakhi hamper perfect.

Luxury chocolates

A hamper is nothing without a sweet indulgent chocolate gift. This could be something as sweet and delightful as a Dark Fantasy biscuit pack or luxury chocolates. Gifting a box of luxury chocolates can instantlymake someone feel special and appreciated. Moreover, premium luxury chocolates that are made with the finest ingredients can give the receiver an unforgettable experience too.

Fabelle Exquisite chocolates is a stunning luxury chocolate brand that produces a variety of delicious and extravagant chocolate bars and chocolate boxes inspired by international desserts and sourced from the finest cocoa from Latin America and Africa.


Who doesn’t love smelling good and bursting with confidence? Luxury perfumes from Engage and EDW Essenza make it easier to find a scent that accentuates your personality and makes you approachable at any time of the day. Engage perfumes are a classic and elegant gift that is loved by both men and women. Hence, you can easily find the right scent for your sibling and gift it to them this Raksha Bandhan.

Something useful

Not all gifts are required to be fancy and over the top. Many receivers generally appreciate thoughtful and useful gifts. These could be anything like earphones, fuzzy socks, makeup or even a video game. Make sure you find something that will definitely be used by your sibling and add that to your DIY Rakshabandhan gift hamper. It will surely bring your sibling happiness.

Something handmade

Handmade gifts hold more importance than any other gift mainly due to the effort, time and love that goes into making them. Gifting something handmade to your sibling is a great way of showing just how much they mean to you. There are various handmade gifts that you could try making,for example, paintings, murals, showpieces, handmade outfits, embroidered handkerchiefs, models, handmade jewellery etc.

 Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be made with love!

A Sibling related item

An item that says, “Best Brother” or “The World’s Best Sister.” This could be on a mug, a keychain, a cap or even a t-shirt. It’s a straightforward and classic gift item that will surely make your sibling smile and feel appreciated. You can also customise these items with inside jokes to make the gift even more personal and heartfelt!

Putting together the perfect DIY hamper

·        Once all the gifts are ready, place them carefully in a basket. Make sure to arrange it in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

·        Proceed to add flowers between gifts to make the basket look prettier.

·        If you have more decorative pieces,then you can add them to the basket too.

·        Finally take your transparent wrapping sheet or mesh cloth and wrap the entire basket.

·        Secure the end with a beautiful ribbon and a dainty knot.

·        Stick a small card which addresses your sibling on the hamper and spray it with a spritz of their favourite perfume to make the hamper even better and you’re done!