Easy Breezy Summers with Best-Selling Basics for Men

When it comes to men’s clothing, it is extremely simple and easy. They have to do nothing, wear a shirt put on a shorts or trousers and off they go to anywhere. But getting the right t-shirts, shirts, summer-friendly hoodies and different active wears saves them from a lot of hassle. Agreeing to the fact that summer is the most challenging time of the year where dressing up feels like a huge task. Winters are relatively easy when it comes to dressing up. The possibilities by which you can add up the winter fashion and completely rock it are because of the endless layering of clothes. But don’t you worry, there’s no need to panic at the summer dress up game. You can wear minimal and still rock the stage or wear thin layers and get the well-deserved head turns. 

Don’t feel low if you can’t figure out the right choice of dresses during summers. In this blog, we will explain the summer essentials for men. Without any further ado, let’s get started with the top 3 best-selling basics. 

1- Solid Oversized Sweatshirt 

Sweatshirts are definitely a year round dressing option which can be paired up with almost anything. You can wear it with the canvas trousers or match it with your favorite shorts. Solid Oversized Sweatshirt comes with a small crew neck and long sleeves which accentuates the beauty of this dress. Available in 10 colors you can get your hands on these sweatshirts in any size you want. This casual shirt is made from cotton blend with 60 40 ratios of cotton and polyester; perfect for summers. If you’re wondering about washing this sweatshirt, gentle machine wash will do perfectly fine. Pick a color, or all, and choose a size with Max Fashion promo code.

2- Cut & Sew Hooded Sweatshirt

 No one can say no to the hooded sweatshirts, they are long, regular fit and well- hooded. Designed as a perfect active wear for men it comes with all the sweatshirt features, but the hoodie distinguishes it front the normal ones. Long sleeves and cut and sew details on the sleeves makes it even more unique. The neckline is hooded with the drawstrings dangling from each side in the front. This printed hooded sweatshirt is made from the durable fabric with the composition of 100% Polyester. The cuffs on the sleeves guarantee you warmth if you’re surrounding works with high temperature AC. With the regular fitting this shirt comes in various sizes providing you options to choose from. Add a pair of black skinny jeans and you’re good to go and rock the street style with perfection. 

3- Plain Slim Fit T-Shirt

Summers without plain T-Shirts is definitely not summers. In honor to the scorching summer heat, we listed the Plain Slim-Fit T-Shirt that is a must-have for your summer closet. Black colored t-shirts can be worn year round, but this shirt is definitely tailor made for summer-wear. The solid design enables it to be worn under the plain button downs as well, just as the t-shirt and button-down street-style goes. The V-neck of this t-shirt fits perfectly with the overall look of the dress. With the variety of sizes, get one for yourself in your regular fit.