Women’s Clothing Trends For 2020

Women’s Clothing Trends For 2020

Golf is an entertaining time, which was once subject to criticism of being too male and elderly oriented, time consuming and expensive, but it is finally getting the attention it deserves. Lately more females are finding the sport attractive and ever since the past decade, women’s golf has seen a substantial growth and fashion brands have followed suit to cater to the likes of women.

Dressing guidelines

Before purchasing new golf apparel read the rules of the golf club as not all clubs are okay with shorter hems, bare thighs, sleeveless tops and polos. Some clubs prefer to stick to conventional golfing dress etiquette in which case you can invest in good-quality knee-length womens golf skirts.

Looking for golf clothes for women?

You are going to be spending your day outdoors and hence your gold clothing must be:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Breathable
  • Made of durable fabric

Flaunt off your fashion sense in the golf course

  • Skirts: If your club doesn’t specify the length of skirts, you can choose comfortable skirts of any length in neutral tones or bright patterns – whichever you find flatters your body. A-lines offer more flexibility to move around.
  • Shirts: You can select golf tee shirts with winged collar, mandarin collar, polos, sleeveless or V-neck ones with cool golf-related caption sprawled across it.
  • Skorts: Ruffled skorts are a more comfortable alternative to skirts. With a fabric covering the front of the shorts, these are a hybrid between shorts and skirts and let you comfortably play without worrying about the length of your skirt.
  • Dress: A versatile choice is dress made of polyester or spandex. You can find a wide selection of dresses in different patterns, bright colors and styles.
  • Golf pants: Comfy chinos and cargo is the go-to outfit for many golf fanatics. They look chic, casual and are comfortable to move around.

Complete your outfit with golf shoes and a cap. Don’t compromise on fashion when on the golf course.