Wedding To Do’s That Are Just As Bad As You Think

Wedding To Do’s That Are Just As Bad As You Think

When you talk about wedding planning, the word planning means the process of making plans for something. This could be potentially problematic if you are, like me, a procrastinator. Wedding planning needs to be done months in advance because for one, you want to have enough time to book your venue, or catering, or sending out wedding invitations. From the time you get engaged to the day of your wedding, you will be checking off a wedding to-do list. This is no time for procrastination. I mean it, people say that wedding planning can be easy, but I will not fool you, the way I look at it, it seems to be a never-ending list of to-dos. And it is just as bad as we both think it is. Here are a few things on the list that you will have to plan for.

Guest List

Choosing who is coming to your wedding can be very difficult. Not only do you have your family and friends to sort through, but also your partners. That is a lot of people. The problem with a guest list is that people will get offended. No matter how hard you try to invite everyone that you see as a friend or family member, there will be someone who is offended that they weren’t invited. Not to mention what if you wanted a small intimate wedding, Even though it what you want, people will get offended, it is inevitable. So what do you do? Have the wedding you want, or please people? It’s a tough choice to make.

Choosing A Color Scheme

Who knew you had to choose a color scheme for your wedding, I would assume that white is enough, but no, you have to pick colors to use throughout your wedding. That includes decorations, cake, bridesmaid and groomsman outfits, and flowers. I know I am missing something… but you get my point. Picking the right color scheme is so important. It will be everywhere. You don’t want colors that don’t match, or else you will never hear the end of it.

Booking A Venue

When you are trying to book a venue it needs to be done early. There are many places that get overbooked and then you lose your chance. Find a venue that you like and hopefully, it is still available


What will you be serving at your wedding? Let hope that your guests are not that picky. Every person has their own taste and people can be very picky, you know when you are choosing items to serve at your wedding that you will not satisfy every single person, but let hope the majority of them like it!

Sending Out Invitations

This is where procrastination can end you. If you don’t send out wedding invites early on, then no one will be at your wedding! I would recommend using Basic Invite to order your invitations. They have a wide selection of beautiful invitations, at a reasonable price!


Sending Out Thank You Cards

After your wedding, you probably think that all is good, and your to-do list is over…. Well think again. You need to send out Thank You cards to all your guests. Did I mention that you have to handwrite them… it is more personal and your guests feel your appreciation, which is a MAJOR hassle, but you must do it.

Although your wedding to-do list is long and definitely as bad as you are thinking, as long as you have your partner by your side you can conquer anything. Good luck and Happy Wedding!