Things That Wedding Photographers Want To Tell You, But Can’t

Things That Wedding Photographers Want To Tell You, But Can’t

We understand that you want to look your best on the day of your wedding and do everything in your power to attain the perfect look. But there is one more important thing that is equally important. It is that you must photograph your pretty look perfectly as well.

There are some things that every photographer wants to let you know that’ll make yours and your photographer’s life a bit easier.

So here we bring you a list of things that you should know before you finalize on a best wedding photographer in delhi for capturing your wedding.

How to shortlist a good photographer among hundreds of different choices?

Yes, there will be many options of photographers from which you’ll have to decide on one. The first thing that you must do is make a list of all the decent photographers in your city, then you must cut down the list to at max 3-4 photographers who are your favourite.

Then, once you have to arrange a meeting with the photographers one by one. Make sure you meet the main photographer who’ll be there handling the camera at your wedding. It is him that you must be comfortable talking to, as you’ll be spending hours with them on the day of your wedding.

So, the most important thing that will affect your decision of hiring a particular photographer is how comfortable you are posing for them and how well they understand your needs.

Why is capturing the wedding so fuckin’ expensive?

To many couples, wedding photography seems like easy money, but it is far from the truth. What the clients only see is that the photographers only work for one day and charge so much for their services.

The thing that you don’t realise and appreciate is all the work of the photographer that goes in the background. After you tell them your preferences they have to shortlist all the shots that will be great for your pre-wedding shoot and your wedding. Speaking about their investment, they’ll be carrying the full photography kit with the lights, flashes, tripods, the various different lenses and the camera itself which amount to lakhs of rupees.

How to look great in all the photographs?

If I have to make you understand this in one line, I would say that “Listen to your photographer.” The secret to looking great in the photographs is to be relaxed while you are being photographed.

You must remember at all times that it is important for the photographer to capture your amazing clicks. You might feel like you’re looking weird in a particular pose, but trust the person behind the camera, he is a professional and knows how to capture the perfect click.

Is post-processing and editing images important?

Absolutely, no photographer wants to deliver their work without atleast some final retouches. Raw images look pretty much ordinary and blank, while just a bit of colour correction and vignetting is enough to pop out the details making it a perfect click.

One more thing that you must understand is that not every element in a photograph can be photoshopped. So if you have some problem with the makeup or hairstyle, take care of it before the images are clicked.

When to book a wedding photographer?

All the top photographers get booked well in advance, so booking a photographer for your wedding should be among the first task that you must do as soon as your wedding dates are decided.

If in case the photographer that you want to book is unavailable on the dates on which you require their services, you can go ahead and ask them about some recommendations. They’ll surely help you out in finding someone with similar photography style.

Should you tip the photographer?

Photographers being considered so much expensive already, are rarely greeted with a gesture of tipping but you must know that a tip is never expected by a wedding photographer but it is always appreciated.

These are some things that are really important for you to know and will clear up some air and help you get the most out of your wedding photographer.