The Year’s Most Inspirational Engagement Ring Trends

The Year’s Most Inspirational Engagement Ring Trends

If it’s one thing we love, its #engagementinspo. Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram or Buzzfeed, the latest trends are constantly kept updated for the public. In this article, we’ve put together some of the most popular styles; if you’re looking to step up your relationship to engagement, this could be the piece for you!

One of the most exciting engagement trends emerging in 2019 is the introduction of coloured accent stones. Traditionally, an engagement ring is a clear diamond, but these gorgeous rings with glints of ruby and sapphire are really stepping up the engagement ring game. Pop star Katy Perry is the perfect example, sporting a stunning ruby engagement ring in a unique flower-shaped setting.

Another increasingly-popular trend for engagement rings this year is pear-shaped diamonds. A pear-shape is a one-of-a-kind, incredibly eye-catching and sparkly stone that is becoming ever more fashionable. With celebs such as Cardi B and Katie Maloney wearing these fabulous pear cut stones, this trend is one to stay.

Pear-cut diamonds are not the only shape taking over the engagement ring community. A cut that is attractive and highly sought after is a half-moon diamond. A stone in a different shape gives engagement rings a new level of beauty, making it stand out from the rest. A design originally inspired by the sun, the straight edge of the half-moon cut makes this ring ideal for stacking; and an engagement ring always looks best stacked with a wedding band.

Something that is a little more out of the ordinary becoming increasingly popular is the use of mixed metals. Whilst a classic choice in a stack of rings, this trend is now emerging in the engagement ring industry. A white metal, such as platinum, set against a yellow gold band makes a centre diamond look even more impressive, and gives a ring a fresh, individual look. With the option to make it a subtle choice so that the white metal isn’t particularly noticeable, or choosing a more intense statement choice if you prefer a bolder look, this trend is one that can be personalised to give you the perfect ring.

Micro-pavé is another trend spreading across the engagement ring community. It gives a ring a little extra oomph, exactly what any engagement ring deserves. The method of micro-paving is a very intricate design, but when done properly it gives a delicate, slim appearance from the top of the ring with an incredible sparkle from the sides. It’s the best way to put the most rings onto a setting without becoming overbearing or overdramatic, making the ring utterly stunning.

The most important thing to remember in engagement ring trends is that no matter what is popular with celebrities or with jewellers, the best trend is your favourite. A ring that will sit on your finger for the rest of your life needs to be perfect for you, not for a celebrity.

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