Here’s why you need a jacket while commuting on your bike:

Here’s why you need a jacket while commuting on your bike:

For a rider, there is nothing more enjoyable than riding a bike. The feeling of wind touching your face is unparalleled. But sometimes in excitement, people forget to take some gear with them while riding. A good riding gear must include everything a person could need during the ride. It might range from raincoats to a nice warm riding jacket. Most of the riders out there don’t know the benefits a riding jacket could provide them apart from making them look cool. A well-made jacket ensures that the rider gets protection from injuries at the time of a crash. These jackets are specially designed for the riders; thereby they provide you the maximum comfort while you ride your bike.

Take these things into account while buying a riding jacket:

There are many companies out there which Manufacture jackets [ผลิตเสื้อแจ็คเก็ต, which is the term in Thai]. But only a few are able to live up to the expectations of a rider. Several factors must be considered before buying a jacket. One of the most important factors is having reflectors on your jacket. These reflectors not only makes your jacket look good but also provide you protection while you ride in the dark. The jacket must not be too tight or too loose on you. This could interfere with your driving.

A leather jacket can prove to be a lifesaver:

In most of the bike accidents, a rider gets maximum injuries due to slipping on to the road. The friction is so high that it even peels off the skin of the rider’s body. However, choosing a jacket with a thickness of 1mm or more can save you from certain injuries. It is too easy to avoid accidents by choosing the right kind of a jacket.