5 Summer Hats for Women to Complete Your Look  

5 Summer Hats for Women to Complete Your Look  

While summer sun, beach tides, and family vacations are all definitely highlights of summer, there’s one more we can’t overlook—the chance to ditch the bulky winter wear for lovely summer fashions. Nothing says summer fun like a new sundress, cutoff shorts, or a spunky tank, and the best accessory for any summer outfit is the perfect summer hat! If you’ve never explored summer hats for women, today is a great day to start, and we’ve got you covered with five fabulous styles to look at first.



  1. Sun Hat

As you can guess from the name, this style truly is one of the best summer hats for women, but so many have yet to try one. Protection from the sun is where these hats shine, but they’re also gorgeous and fun. Get one with a ribbon or a classy weave and take that wide-brim for a spectacular day at the beach!

  1. Bucket

Bucket hats are comfortable and cute. They have none of the stiffness of other styles, which means a better fit and less chance to get blown off by a hot breeze. While sun hats are generally a uniform color, buckets come in solid colors as well as fun patterns, so choose what best reflects your style!

  1. Visor

The visor is the simplest style on our list, but that’s what makes it great! Visors shade your eyes without covering your head, which means they’ll save you from squinting while still keeping things cool. They’re small and easy to pack, and they’re still a great complement to any summer outfit.

  1. Fedora

Whether you go flat-brimmed or curled, nothing says style quite like a fedora! These hats have undeniable personality that spices up every outfit they’re paired with. They have all the fun style of sun hats without the bulk, and if you’ve never tried one, this is the next item your summer wardrobe needs.

  1. Baseball Cap (and other styles of Cap)

Simple, traditional, and unbeatable. Caps can be casual, and they can also be cute as heck. Because of the variety of designs and colors available, these are perhaps the easiest hats to express your personality with. These are also the go-to hats to pair with cutoff denim shorts or any fun-loving tee. The cap is a must-have for summer!



Whether you’re a hat person or not, these five styles will round out your summer look in a way nothing else can. Add a few summer hats for women to your wardrobe today!