Why eye bags are the latest beauty trend? 

Why eye bags are the latest beauty trend? 

Koreans are becoming new beauty trendsetters. People are obsessed with 10 step Korean Skincare routine and now Korean eye makeup is becoming a new trend and changed the makeup game dramatically. 

 How? Let me tell you about the new eye makeup trend followed by Koreans.

Whenever we wake up, we avoid going outside because of swollen eyes and under-eye bags. We look tired and sleepy if we have puffy eyes. We treat these eye bags with cucumber slices, tea bags and try to hide these with makeup concealer.

While the whole world is trying remedies, fillers, concealers, and serums to hide these under-eye bags to eradicate the sign of tiredness, Korean are using these eye bags to make them look younger and cute.  

You will be amazed to know that Korean ladies intentionally create fake eye bags under the lower eyelid to mimic childhood fat pocket under eyes. This is called “Aegyo-Sal’, which means eye smile, cute eyes baby fat, or charming fat. Having “Aegyo-Sal’ aka fat underneath eyes makes you appear young, cute, and charming. 

Why Korean adopt this beauty trend? 

Korean have monolid eyes. To create depth and to add character to monolid eyes, the fake eye bag is created either with the help of eye tape or with eyeshades to make the eyes look bigger. In this way you look cuter and innocent with puffy eyes lids underneath. 

Difference between Aegyo-Sal and without Aegyo-Sal’


Do not get wrong the dark circle under eye with Aegyo Sal. You can see the huge difference the cute eye pocket under the lower lid can create. 

Many celebrities are also following this trend like Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, BTS Jung kook, Red Velvet’s Joy, Seventeens’ Joshua and many more 

How to create Eye bags Like Koreans K-pop Artists?      

Aegyo-Sal’ by sticky tape


Women in Korea follow the eye makeup routine to make their lower lid pop out with the help of little sticky tape to make it plumper. It creates a huge difference in eye appearance. Your face looks bigger and cute. But this method can damage the eye if used for a longer time. Moreover, if tape loses its stickiness it can ruin the look.

Aegyo-Sal’ with Makeup


Just like Korean skincare products, Korean eye makeup is also getting viral. You can create an under-eye pocket with the help of makeup easily. All k-pop stars follow the trend and you can also recreate the look. First of all, take a good night’s sleep so that lower eyelid pop up. You need a shimmery lighter shade or a highlighter of white, gold, or silver and a light brown eye pencil or creamy shade. 

Remember you don’t need to create the dark circle. You need to make an eye pocket. 

First, conceal the under eye area if you have dark circles. To give it a depth use brown shadow to draw natural curve under eyes to pop out under eye area. Then apply shimmery shade on the low lash line. The shiner the lower eyelid the better it looks.


If you have monolid eyes and want to create depth under your eyes permanently then you can go for a plastic surgery option called   “Aegyo surgery“ or filers under the eye to get fatty pocket under eyes. 

You can accentuate your uniqueness in any form. This is not just Aegyo Sal you can even use your dark circles to create bigger eyes. I have concluded that if you are confident your look beautiful anyway. Do not fear to move in society if you do not have spotless skin like models the media-hyped shows in commercials. You are beautiful with every so-called imperfection.