Wedding Party Gift Ideas You Will Love(Collection Now)

Wedding Party Gift Ideas You Will Love(Collection Now)

Show your appreciation to your bridal party with personalized wedding party gifts. This is a great gift idea since they are unique and have sentimental value.

1)Wedding Party Gift Tradition

Many couples have a hard time coming up with wedding party gift ideas. Traditionally, the groomsmen receive the same gifts and the bridesmaids also receive the same gifts. 

For example, you can give the bridesmaids a personalized charmed bracelet that can be worn during the wedding. Customized cufflinks are a good option for groomsmen. 

Of course, you don’t have to follow tradition. You can give them each something different depending on their hobby, favorite sports team, or any other interest they may have.

2)Personalized Wedding Party Gifts

Brides can find a variety of affordable personalized wedding gifts to fit every personality in the wedding. It takes a little effort and searching online. 

There are good deals at local stores, but the best deals are found at online stores. You can even call them to see if they are willing to give you a discount. Most of them will give you at least 10 percent off your total order, but you have to ask. 

A great wedding party gift idea is name stamps. They are affordable and can be personalized for each person. The name is put in a fancy font and put on a rubber stamp with an ink pad. The rubber stamp can be used on invitations, 

Christmas cards and envelopes. Personalized wine glasses, coffee tumblers, and even iPad cases are a great option as well.

3).A More Personal Touch

Crafts make great gifts and can be customized for the receiver. You can make homemade cookies or jams and put them in a jar with a personalized label. 

The personalized label can include event details or a personal message. Scrapbook lovers can make miniature scrapbooks with pictures and stories. 

Another option is taking the bridesmaids and groomsmen on an outing. The women could get manicures a day before the wedding and the guys can meet at the barbershop for a haircut.

4)Choosing your Bridesmaids Gifts: Three Guiding Principles

  1. Consider the time, effort and expense that your bridesmaids are putting into your wedding: Yes, they are thrilled to be a part of your big day, but recognizing all of the investment they are making with a gift of appropriate significance will generate many more years of goodwill. 

You don’t need to match your bridal party expenses dollar for dollar, but if for example, your attendants are purchasing a dress, shoes, hair and/or makeup (not to mention travel to your wedding, hosting your shower/bachelorette, and of course, providing priceless moral support), your gift should be more substantial than a $20 bracelet. 

Every bride’s wedding is of course different (and the bride’s budget will be an important factor to consider), but in the wedding budget you should plan for bridal party gifts. Typically we find brides spending between $50-$200 per attendant.

  1. Wedding party gifts (particularly jewelry) should have a shelf life of more than 1 day: While layered hot pink crystal bracelets might be fun for your ‘maids to wear with your bridesmaid dresses on the big day (ditto for a matching chartreuse clutch, or rhinestone encrusted turquoise sunglasses), they likely will end up stashed in the back of a drawer or closet, never to be seen again.

A gift that is intended to be worn on your wedding day is a great way to coordinate your bridal party (without asking them to shell out even more dinero for the privilege), but should also be something that your attendants will make use of beyond your wedding. 

Pearl jewelry is elegant and timeless – something that your friends will wear and cherish for years to come. Pearls can be worn with summer dresses (to showers, graduations, or other weddings and parties), with holiday or formal cocktail attire, with a suit to the office for that big meeting, presentation or interview, or even with casual attire to add instant polish to jeans and a blouse.

  1. Make it personal: Last but not least, a gift to a bridesmaid, someone who has agreed to play an important role in one of your most significant life moments, should be personal. 

Even with coordinating gifts, you can include something that is individualized to each member of your bridal party – a book you think each would love, a personalized jewelry case or travel jewelry bag, or at the very least, a thoughtful note of thanks. 

Yes, you will be busy and harried as you approach the big day, but taking the time to write down to your closest friends why you value their friendship and support is the embodiment of timeless and classy.

Selecting Jewelry for your Bridesmaids

Giving jewelry for your ‘maids to wear at the wedding is a time-honored tradition, and allows you as the bride to complete the look of your bridal party (without having them shell out even more $ than they likely already have on a dress, shoes, etc). 

More importantly,wedding jewelry is also a perfect way to give each attendant a gift that is significant and beautiful, and to acknowledge the contribution that each bridesmaid has made to your big day.

For the bride who has decided to give jewelry to her attendants as the bridal party gift, 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect pieces.

  1. Start with the dresses: you’ll want to choose the dresses first, and consider both color and cut before beginning your jewelry selection process.
  2. Follow the neckline: this will determine if you choose a necklace, bracelet, earrings or combination of pieces, as well as which pieces will look best.
  3. DON’T over-embellish: this is important for a bride, but even more so for her wedding party who should complement the bride, not draw attention away from her

Consider hair & accessories: specifically for bridesmaids, you will want to consider hairstyles and any other accessories that will be part of their wedding party attire. 

For example, if the bridal party will be wearing elegant clutch purse, earrings might be a better choice than a necklace that won’t ever be seen. 

Or if you have many attendants with long hair that will be worn down, some sterling silver bracelets might be the best accessory (and bracelets will look stunning in photos of your bridesmaids holding their bouquets all in a row!)