Useful Tips for your choose wedding tiaras(Keep reading)

Useful Tips for your choose wedding tiaras(Keep reading)

wedding tiaras was a status symbol and a compulsory wedding accessories worn by brides. Today, these are more appropriate for beauty pageants, proms, wedding and balls etc. In some cultures, brides still continue to wear bridal tiaras along with veil, making them look even more beautiful.

The artistic arrangement of the wires on the wedding tiara is something, which catch attention of almost everyone. The placement of stones and embellishments in wedding tiaras is beautifully done by the craftsmen. Weddings are one of the happiest moments of a girl’s life and every girl wants to look like princess on that day. Well, wedding tiaras are something which will surely make you look more beautiful, when you walk down the aisle.

Whether you are wanting to reignite your childhood dreams of becoming a fairytale princess, are searching for something uniquely different and special, or are simply wanting to find an understated elegance that adds an extra hint of sparkle to your day…there is a tiara for you.

Maybe you prefer to grab an umbrella and hit the high streets, or grab a coffee and hit the internet highway…either way, there are 4 important things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding tiara:


It often helps to have already chosen your wedding gown before looking to add the accessories, so have a sketch or picture of it to hand when tiara hunting. Is it a strapless dress, a v-neck, a halter-neck? Does it have a scooped or rounded neckline, or is it off the shoulder? Is it beaded or decorated, embroidered or plain? What is the texture and style of your dress? All these areas will greatly influence the style of tiara that will perfectly complement your wedding outfit.


Taking a swatch of your dress material, plus some magazine cut-outs showing your chosen colour theme, can help in choosing your accessories. Even if you decide not to have any bold or obvious colour in your tiara, you can subtly enhance your look by choosing one shade of jewel over another.


Whether or not you have already met with a hairdresser for your wedding day, you instinctively know what hairstyles truly suit you. So whether you have long hair and want to leave it to flow naturally, have a short crop, want an updo, or are having a few strands framing your face…take this into account when looking at the height and shape of a tiara.

Personal Style

At the end of the day there is only one thing that will be the final influence on choosing your wedding tiaras…and that is your personal and unique style! It often doesn’t get mentioned when looking for advice on finding a tiara, but to put it quite bluntly, if you’re simply not into wearing pearls…then why start now! If you want an elegant and subtle style…then steer clear of the bold and heavily jewel-studded designs, and find a delicate tiara or headband with tiny sparkling Swarovskis. And if you’re struggling with the idea of wearing a neatly structured and traditional tiara, when it quite clearly doesn’t suit your wild and vivacious nature…then find a tiara with an irregular and spontaneous flow, or a crown with beautiful gemstone-topped peaks! There are literally hundreds of beautiful and unique tiaras available today, so your perfect tiara is out there.

Prepared with this information…you’re now fully armed to find your wedding tiara!

A final word of advice…

Shopping for a tiara for the first time can sometimes be a little daunting…so if you think two’s company, have a friend by your side whose opinion you truly trust and value. It can make the whole experience a lot more fun…although beware, you’ll probably find that she (or he!) will fall for hundreds of more tiaras than you, and end up trying to convince you to let her wear one to your wedding too!

If in doubt…just follow your instincts! Pick up the phone to the online company or talk to the shop assistant, and you’ll immediately know if you’re talking to someone who’s experienced, who is friendly and can help you, and who is passionate about their work. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t find your ideal tiara straightaway. You may decide to commission a tiara to be made to order…just for you, or even end up designing your own tiara online! Whatever you choose to do…sometimes a simple process of elimination will reveal to you the style and design that really suits you, and sometimes you may just find that the tiara that first caught your eye is the ONE!