Things to know about Sri Lanka’s Contemporary Fashion

Things to know about Sri Lanka’s Contemporary Fashion

Sri Lanka is world-famous for its batik designs and handmade woven looms. It includes sarees for women and sarongs for men and those are perfect examples of its artistic fashion and manufacturing. The contemporary fashion designers use very classic techniques and create their visions as well. With a tinge of Western Influences mixed in it, Sri Lanka’s contemporary fashion is earning huge popularity and accolades worldwide. A few important things related to Sri Lanka’s Contemporary Fashion that everyone should know are listed below.

Important Points about Sri Lanka’s Contemporary Fashion:

  • Color-

Beautiful colors have never been absent from Sri Lanka’s textile design or fashion. Color plays a very vital role in Sri Lankan’s especially when it comes to their clothing and attitude. In every aspect of Sri Lankan design, color is always the common denominator. Apart from the same, a lot of Sri Lanka’s contemporary designers use mixed shades of multiple colors making it worth purchasing.

  • Sri Lankan Sarees-

Sarees in Sri Lanka are way too beautiful and are also used as usual attire by the women in Sri Lanka. Some of them wear saree daily, out of choice, or it might be a work uniform for others. Not only to the school teachers or office, but the tea pluckers in Sri Lanka also wear saree. Due to its massive usage, contemporary designers have redesigned it using the latest technology and new kind of fabrics such as modern linen. Apart from the above, urban Sarees with hand-woven cotton fabrics are also high in demand.

  • Sri Lankan Sarongs-

Sarongs are the basic garments of men in Sri Lanka. Not only the tuk-tuk drivers or the fishermen, but even the Sri Lankan businessmen love wearing Sarongs. Keeping in mind its huge demand, the contemporary Sri Lankan designers have redesigned it in different ways such as the addition of pockets and adding some elegant designs to it.

  • Batik & Sustainable Fashion-

Batik is the fantabulous art of creating designs on fabrics with the help of color dyes and wax. Batik was introduced in Sri Lanka a hundred years back and since then, the contemporary designers have worked their level best take this industry to heights. Ranging from Shirts to Sarees, batiks offer a wide range and it is spectacular. On the other hand, the contemporary sustainable fashion in Sri Lanka uses the leftover fabric materials from big factories that are usually burned or sent to fill landfills. This is sown by the women to sustain their families.

  • Sri Lankan Linen & Denims-

Being an island and a hot country as well, Linens are very trendy throughout the year mainly because of its comfort. It is very simple and clean-cut as well. Because of such hot climate, denims have also been a new addition to the contemporary fashion industry and is widely in demand as well since it is very comfortable and can be worn daily.

  • Sri Lankan Hand-woven Textiles-

The handloom in Sri Lanka is a hundred-year-old technique typically used for making sarees and sarongs. Over the years, this industry has developed itself and also started making beautiful home products such as napkins and table covers.

Thus, contemporary fashion is Sri Lanka is developing day by day and setting new records worldwide. Sri Lankan sarees may be termed as the national dress for women since every woman out there loves to gift herself a saree on every occasion, be it Christmas or any local festival.