The Best Bracelets You can Opt for Now

The Best Bracelets You can Opt for Now

To the right? To the left? Now that you are convinced that wearing a pearl bracelet will make you an elegant and manly man, it is normal to wonder on which wrist you are going to wear your bracelets? Discover our 5 tips to follow the trend and be on top.

Follow The Golden Rule

The golden rule is that there is no rule. Everyone is free to wear their bracelet on the arm they want. The only imperative is your comfort. Analyze your habits and make your choice. You can choose the stackable bracelets for the best look.

Choose The Watch Side

If you want to match your jewelry to your watch then the answer is obvious: wear it on this side. In theory left for most of you. And yes, let us remember, the custom is that the majority of the population (90%) is right-handed and therefore wears their watch on the left. Precision is essential for watch fans. Your pearl bracelet must enhance your watch but must not damage it. If you decide to put them on the same wrist, be careful not to scratch your watch with metallic beads or charms. For more security, we recommend, for example, to favor a wooden bracelet.

Ensure Balance

What do we mean by “balance”? It may happen that some men find the juxtaposition of a watch and a bracelet a little too bling-bling. No problem, wear your bracelets on your opposite wrist. Moreover, for lovers of large watches, we invite you to follow this advice.

Show Your Bracelet

But yes, gentlemen, you have the right to display your latest acquisition with pride and to arouse the curiosity of your interlocutors. Okay, we’re talking about a bracelet, but we say that everything is in the details. For this choose your dominant hand which will highlight your accessory at the slightest opportunity.

Jasper and Buddha Bracelet

Wearing a pearl bracelet can be awkward in some situations. For example when you write, the contact of the bracelet on the table can be unpleasant on your wrist. If you have a manual job, this situation can happen to you. In this case, do not wear your bracelets on the side of your preferred hand.

Bracelets are part of the jewelry that we can wear every day to enhance our appearance. Depending on the outfit you decide to wear on any occasion, you can choose the bracelets to go with it. Currently, there are different models of bracelets in fashion stores. If you want to add bracelets to your jewelry box, here are some tips that you might find useful in choosing models.

Choose bracelets that suit your personality

In general, each individual chooses a piece of jewelry according to their taste and personality. For example, a rather discreet person who does not like to attract glances, mainly chooses classic, simple bracelets, which he can wear every day in any circumstance. This kind of person prefers gold or silver jewelry that she hardly ever takes off, as if it is a favorite piece of jewelry. On the other hand, someone who likes to be looked at prefers large and attractive bracelets, for example gold or colorful jewelry. This type of person often changes bracelets depending on the events and the outfit they wear. In short, we can say that the kind of bracelet you wear says a lot about your personality.