Smart Casual Attire Guide for Women

Smart Casual Attire Guide for Women

Casual wear is great to wear on your days off. Whether you have chores around the house or errands to run, you should feel comfortable with what you have on.

You can wear anything you want around the house. It makes sense to be comfortable. If you can put together a casual wardrobe, you can be ready in minutes to face whoever you run into and whatever comes up.

There are three basic pieces you’ll rely on over and over again in putting together your casual wardrobe. They are a white shirt, flat shoes, and a jacket.

Here is a list of different types of casual clothing that might come real handy for you.

White Cotton T-shirts

You can live in these. Wear them by themselves or under a vest or jacket.


Buy good-quality 100 percent cotton. Make sure they are a good fit.


If you are someone who adores activewear clothing and loves to show off your figure, leggings from Mini Activewear would be great additions to your casual wear collection.


Purchase black and white ones as they tend to match with any pants that you might wear.

Cardigan sweater

Buy cotton or cotton blend. It can be doubled as a casual jacket. Purchase cotton or cotton blend for colder days. You can wear these alone or under a jacket or vest.

Tennis shoes

Purchase slip-ons or a pair of lace.

Khaki shorts

These are great for the summertime and they will prove to be great additions to your casual clothing collection.

Lightweight cotton short jacket

It can either be white or any basic color. It can be about thigh length.


Make sure they fit right and are clean. You can wear them for any occasion and that’s what makes them highly popular.

Bottom Line

All in all, your everyday casual attire will reflect your personality. So, it is very important to choose the best ones accordingly.