Microblading Coeur D’alene – Things To Know About The Technique

Microblading Coeur D’alene – Things To Know About The Technique

As ladies, you always wanted to look gorgeous and presentable in front of other people. That’s why you often go to the salon for hair, facial and body treatments. Indeed, this is a usual routine for individuals, who has a lot of time and money for this type of activities. Keep in mind that engaging yourself with these treatments has to be done by professionals. This means that you must only rely on people with knowledge and skills. If you will undergo a particular procedure, then you have to be certain that it is safe because a lot of them are just con artists.

Going back to the special treatments that you might want to try, one of these could be the microblading technology. What is digital microblading, anyway? Well, this is a technique that is especially meant for ladies, who would like to enhance their eyebrows. I am pretty sure that most of you exert too much effort on how you are going to draw these perfectly. Some of you may even have to buy tools for tampering and shading your eyebrows. In some ways, these are helpful. Though, you need to use it every day, unlike microblading, where the effect lasts for months.

However, the treatment may be costly for some ladies out there. But again, money is not a problem to those who are willing to try. You just need to make sure that you are going to do this procedure with the certified experts. Through this way, you can avoid wasting money and time as well. By the way, if you are interested to undergo this kind of technique, then you have to learn more about this and understand how it is done.

Basic Info

First of all, microblading is a digital way of enhancing your eyebrows naturally. Let’s say that you are just going to a tattoo artist to fill and grow it temporarily. Actually, this procedure is an ideal solution to those with sparse as well as untamed brows. In this technique, the experts use a pen to imitate the hair. A precise stroking skill is highly recommended in this treatment.

The time it takes in completing the process would be 1 to 2 hours, depending on how dense it would be and the shape that you would like to accomplish. It might be longer than waxing, but the result also lasts longer than wax. If you are worried about feeling pains, then worry not because an anesthetic is usually applied to avoid discomfort.


When you are planning for this kind of treatment, make sure that you are in the right condition. There must be no issues, concerning your health. The experts do not just care about earning money here, they also need to care about you.

For example, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding and with various medical conditions, such as iron deficiency, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and skin conditions, you may not be allowed to perform digital microblading.


For this treatment to run as smooth as possible, there are a few preparations that you need to do. If possible, you have to avoid drinking alcohol, coffee and energy drinks when you know that you are set for it. And then, you do not also need to take any medications for pain a day before your schedule.

If you recently go for waxing, then you have to wait for at least 78 hours or 3 days, then you may get a schedule for digital microblading. You also need to wait for such period after being intensely exposed under the sun. Lastly, if you had any intense facial therapies, you need to wait for at least 2 weeks.

What to Expect

Pretty sure that you are expecting a lot from this. Well, ladies are usually excited about trying new and better ways to maintain their good looks. But do not be in a hurry because you should consult an expert first, before proceeding with your plans.

After the consultation, skin tests will be performed to ensure that no chemical reaction will occur and of course, to keep you safe. When there is no negative reaction, the expert will start outlining the desired shape, which is actually customized for this to complement the size as well as the shape of your face. The expert will make sure that the right pigment will match your complexion.

The next thing that will happen is the application of the local anesthetic. This is necessary, so that you will feel at ease until the end of the session. And then, the stroking will start. When it is already completed, you will surely feel more confident.


After care is also important to follow to avoid experiencing problems. You will have seven days to complete the darkening of the pigment. Try to observe each day and you will see the difference. At the end of 1 week, the desired result will be achieved.

The microblading technology is already good enough for you to have a natural look. Therefore, you do not need to apply any make-up on the eyebrows, especially when the healing process is not fully complete. However, if you wish to apply make-up in the future, then it would be fine.

Just make sure to avoid activities that will cause you to sweat too much. And then, do not forget that you should not scratch your brows. And then, avoid contact with airborne debris and pollution as well.