Know How to Select Perfect Color for Your Brand

Know How to Select Perfect Color for Your Brand

If you have a look at your surroundings, you will notice that you are surrounded by colorseverywhere. In fact, according to the psychology of colors, it is evident that different colors have a different impact on people. Selecting an appropriate color for your brand is very crucial because that will increase your brand recognition.

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Colors and their significance

  • Yellow

The moment someone mentions the color yellow, the first thing that clicks immediately in your mind is brightness. This color represents playfulness and youth. If you are thinking of giving a gift from a business point of view, a gift packed in yellow will work well for a client’s child. It also symbolizes innovation and is used by brands like IKEA.

  • White

It is very widely known that white represents peace. This color reminds you of innocence, silence, and serenity. It is counted among neutral colors that are best for selling or gifting to a business client. It is a symbol of a new beginning and the emotion associated with it is truthfulness.

  • Green

Thinking of color green instantly connects us to nature. The emotions associated with this color are calmness, morality, and loyalty. This color is widely used for the promotion of products that aim towards the protection of the environment. This color also promotes safety and happiness and is connected with patience too.

  • Blue

Blue often gives you a sense of authority and cleanliness which is the reason that workplace attires and uniforms are of blue color. Usually, you would think of the sky and water when blue color is spoken of.

You can connect it with qualities like depth and freedom. It is a symbol of intelligence and openness too. It is a great choice if you want to gift something in this color to a professional.

  • Black

Black in one of the most preferred and neutral color. It is a symbol of power, luxury, and prestige. This color is a choice for most exclusive and classy products. It is liked by people of all ages and sexes. It is connected with sophistication and elegance too.

  • Red

Red is one of the vibrant colors so far. It is connected with aggression and dynamism.

You may have noticed that several automobiles are available in this color which even associates this color with speed and vitality. It even leaves its influence on intellectual activity. Apart from these associations, some commonly connected qualities with this color are energy and love.

  • Orange

As soon as someone speaks of orange color, you are bound to think about the feeling of warmth. It is associated with creativity. It can generate responses like inspiration and communication. It is a reflection of your good taste too.


It is important to think about your target audience when you are finalizing a color for your brand. If the product is aimed at a specific section of society then it becomes obvious that you should be aware of their choices to make your brand a success.