Is it dangerous to shave with safety razors?

Is it dangerous to shave with safety razors?

Safety razors turn into an excellent choice when people want to make some eco-friendly changes. People utilize countless plastic disposable razors every year and they finish in a landfill the majority of the times. In this situation, safety razors help our planet besides helping your pockets. Though these razors look pretty intimidating, they are designed to remain safe for people’s personal use. They work similarly to cartridge razors. You can also get yourself an adjustable head razor as it will permit you to alter the aggression when you perfect your process. The most dangerous thing about these razors is not the shaving but shifting the blades. 

However, the good thing is you can master this art well with time. Before safety razors were invented, the job of removing facial hair was accomplished by a skilled and professional barber only. The design of the single-edge and double-edge safety razors that have handles and heads turn it possible for common people to perfect the process and use these razors without any risk. A safety razor takes more time compared to a plastic razor but this experience is highly luxurious and pleasurable. Nonetheless, when you use these razors you need to remain more attentive and focused.

Benefits you can reap from a safety razor shave

  • Less drag and lesser irritation – Other razors endorse 3.5 razors in only one cartridge but safety razors stand strong at only one strong blade. And this means you have to drag it less across your face. This also lessens the chance of having your skin’s top layer come off. In short, these razors provide a healthier and safer shave when you do it correctly.
  • A closer shave – When you shave with these razors, the sharp blade gets flushed against your skin. Hence, you must be a little bit careful initially. But, when you will learn the trick well, you will never be required to turn back.
  • Excellent for coarse hair – When you possess thick hair then safety razors would turn out to be an ideal choice for you. As you will continue to replace the blade after every use, you will always get a clean shave.
  • Inexpensive replacement blades – As people toss the blades of safety razors after every use, people get the cleanest and sharpest blades all the time.

Method of shaving with safety razors

  • The perfect angle of shaving is 30 degrees and so, you need to ensure that you have been keeping it to this angle only.
  • Always make sure that you have kept the area of sharing lubricated and well-hydrated. For this, you need to place a squirt of shaving cream beforehand. When you do this, you can enjoy an easier and smoother shave. Again, this way, you will not fall prey to irritations too.
  • You must also remember to take careful and short strokes for preventing skin or heavy hair buildup. It will also lessen the danger of bumps, nick, and razor burns.
  • While saving, you must never apply downward pressure as the weight of your heavy duty safety razor will accomplish this job for you.