Important Suggestions to Remember Before Investing in Jewelry

Important Suggestions to Remember Before Investing in Jewelry

On the topic of investment, assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate commonly come to mind first. But aside from those, investors also put their money into something more dashing and fashionable: jewelry.

To some, diamonds and gold are just items of luxury that are nonessential. But for a seasoned investor with a keen eye, jewels go beyond their aesthetic value. While not all of them can retain their values, there are a considerable lot that do; for example, Rolex watches you can find from trustworthy jewelers in Salt Lake City and other metropolitan areas.

That said, if valuable jewelry has just piqued your curiosity, here’s everything you should know first before buying one:

Choose Top Designers

Their prices are hefty, but their value will last a lifetime. Trendy jewelry from low-end brands may win your attention right now, but after a few months to a few years, the hype around it will die down, along with its value. Classic pieces from top designers will always be the wiser choice and safe bets. They never go out of style, so they can still be resold at a steep price even after decades.

Do Your Research

As mentioned, not all kinds of jewelry are able to retain their value; hence, research is crucial before shelling out your money. In diamonds, those over one karat are known to remain highly valuable over time compared to stones under one karat. Among precious metals, gold is the one best known to hold their value, specifically those made with 14 karats and above. Gemstones also have varying value and quality, so educate yourself about them before buying anything.

Consider Rare and Vintage Pieces

Rare jewelry pieces appreciate in value. Their rarity drives them to sell at auctions for more than $50 million; collectors would love to get their hands on them. Thus, consider limited edition pieces when you’re looking for the ultimate jewelry investment. Vintage pieces such as heirlooms made of authentic jewels such as gold, platinum, diamond, tourmaline, and other rare gemstones also hold their value or appreciate over time. Rare and vintage pieces of jewelry are also used to help the poor; some collectors donate them to be sold so that the proceeds can be used for charity.

When buying these kinds of jewelry, don’t forget to still pay attention to the brand. Consider a brand that’s big during a certain period, like the 1920s or 30s Art Deco, so that you’re guaranteed to get a truly rare and coveted item.

Search for a Trustworthy Jeweler

Since jewelry isn’t just an ordinary purchase, the sellers matter. Be wary of bargains that are too good to be true. Fake or replica items can also look convincingly real, so shopping with an expert may be necessary. Ask sellers to present their certifications if you don’t see them, and walk away if they haven’t got anything to prove their legitimacy.

Find the Right Buyer

A trustworthy jeweler isn’t only beneficial when you buy but also when you need to sell. Look for reputable buy-and-sell companies that exhibit professional behavior, excellent customer service, and favorable policies. Verify if they carry designer brands to be certain that they’re knowledgeable about your valuable jewelry. Also, check if they have the right equipment to inspect a piece of jewelry, such as a 10x loupe that can show every detail of a diamond. That way, you’d know for sure that they’re appraising your jewelry right.

Carry these smart tips along with you as you start exploring the world of jewelry investing. Don’t hesitate to consult experienced investors to be sure that you’re on the right track. If you’ve found a trustworthy jeweler, you can also obtain expert advice from them.