Ideas for Styling Gold Stud Earrings

Ideas for Styling Gold Stud Earrings

If you are about to begin your jewelry venture, stud earrings are your go-to piece. Trust us; these stunning earrings are the most comfortable form of adorning jewelry. With subtle elegance, simple style, and fine aesthetics the gold stud earrings are unmissable.They are considered classic pieces of jewelry that can be worn on an everyday basis. Moreover, they are the easiest to carry, therefore; they are the most preferred earring types among women. These earrings work with every look and are available in a massive collection. If you are also a stud lover then we are here to inspire you with some cool styling tips. 

Get set go…

1. Create an Edgy Appeal: 

Desire a look that screams cool without wearing too much? If yes, then studs are all you need. If you have got multiple piercings, don’t be afraid to wear studs in all over. Wearing a cluster of studs in different metals, designs and sizes is an easy peasy way to add an edge to your overall appearance. By opting for an alternate mix of big and small studs will add texture to your look. 

While mixing yellow gold and white gold studs without gemstone can work magic for this look. Pick designs flaunting edges and wear them along with few geometric pieces this lends you a distinguished appeal. 

#2. Studs as Office wear accessory:

When in office, you need to don something elegant yet practical. In a busy office space where you are engaged in work and need to run around, something as simple as stud earrings works the best. Studs are easy to carry, wearing them you can easily work without getting hurt. 

The stylish gold stud earrings will definitely get you noticed in the office. Roll your hair up or flaunt with a slick high ponytail, you formal appeal will rock your workwear. 

#3. Embrace Minimalism: 

Stud earrings are a piece of jewelry meant for minimalist lovers. These subtle earrings exude a clean and polished look, which is definitely more with less. For a radiant minimal look, go for geometric studs like triangles, balls, bars, or squares. There are also gold cutout studs to add dimension. For pleasing effect wear stacked triangles or grouped balls. 

Furthermore, you can enhance your interest by wearing studs with stylish back. For this look for interesting designs with the size difference, for example, a stud with a simple front and longer back piece create a stunning effect. 

Final Words 

Stud earrings are a must-have piece for your jewelry assortment. These earrings coordinate amazingly with statement necklaces and bulky cuff bracelets. Luckily, if they are gold studs, then you can ooze statement on every occasion. Gold studs are always appropriate for all kinds of occasions. You can wear them in a number of exciting ways. Either wear them in mismatched style or opt for a layering effect, you are sure to turn heads. This is why this is the right time to monitor the live gold price and check the fabulous gold stud collection online.