How to choose your wedding venue in five steps

How to choose your wedding venue in five steps

A successful ingredient for a perfect marriage is a breathtaking place. It is one of the key points in planning destination weddings Spain. Booking the wedding venue should be your first concern. Nevertheless, what will become of your big day if you do not know exactly what to look for? Take it easy. Through these five steps, we will guide you.

Step 1: Location

When deciding which space will host the celebration of your wedding day, the location and everything that concerns it is one of the factors you should take into account. Although many couples choose the place of celebration because it is close to their home, others choose to pack their bags and try their luck in different parts of national and international geography. In any case, the geographic situation must be easily accessible, so that your guests can get there without any problems. Always try to ensure that the distance between the place of the ceremony and the place of celebration is not too great. 

Step 2: Infrastructure

The infrastructure must be well thought out to welcome guests in the best possible way. As much as you imagine a perfect wedding in every detail, if the place does not meet the ideal conditions, failure will be guaranteed. How is the place? How many rooms do you have? Do you have a garden? Analyze the space carefully and ask all the questions you need to find out what you really want. The different rooms can help define different environments for each moment of the wedding. 

Step 3: Exclusiveness

The couple does not always remember to investigate this issue, often because they assume that exclusivity is guaranteed. However, it is not. There are spaces that celebrate multiple Spain weddings on the same day. Find out how many weddings/events will be held in your chosen space. Is privacy guaranteed? In case you have to share the space, make sure you know the available boundaries. Choose your wedding venue with this in mind, as a wedding should be private and peaceful. All celebration spaces have their schedules. In this case, you have to know how much time you have.

Step 4: Number of guests

It is legitimate to fall in love at first sight with a certain place. However, what you cannot forget is the number of family and friends who want to attend your wedding. Therefore, the space must have an adequate capacity to receive all your guests. Since each wedding depends a lot on the number of guests, find out about the minimum number allowed and assess whether it is really worth it to bet on the place you are considering. Just as it is essential to know the minimum capacity of the venue, it will also be extremely important to know the maximum capacity.