How To Care For Your Antique Jewellery

How To Care For Your Antique Jewellery


Antique jewellery are a perfect addition to your collection. Unlike newer jewellery, vintage or antique jewellery represents days long gone by and a slice of history. Whether you own antique brooches, vintage diamond rings, or necklaces, they need special care so you can continue to treasure and wear them for decades to come.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips on how to care for your vintage and antique jewellery:

Store Properly- if you want to look after your antique jewellery, you need to store it properly. To avoid accidental tangling and scratches, make sure that each item is stored separately. Vintage diamond rings should have special pouches. Rings and brooches should have individual slots to avoid accidental scratching. Invest in special box to store the most delicate pieces of antique jewellery to ensure longevity.

Keep Them Dry- although antique jewellery is usually corrosion-free, moisture can still be damaging. Excessive corrosion may cause pitting to valuable jewellery. You need to keep jewellery dry and free from moisture. When swimming at the beach or in the pool, you need to avoid wearing delicate antique jewellery.

Clean Gold Jewellery Properly- mix warm water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Allow gold jewellery to soak for about 15 minutes. Remove the jewellery from soap-water solution and scrub with soft toothbrush. Scrub slowly in circular motions, especially when cleaning delicate brooches or necklaces. Rinse the jewellery in warm water and dry it with soft cloth. Alternatively, submerge the gold jewellery in water and ammonia solution. Mix one part of ammonia with six parts of warm water. Submerge the gold jewellery for only one minute. You need to use this cleaning method for thicker rings or other more durable jewellery.

Clean Silver Jewellery Properly- many antique or heirloom pieces are made of silver. Compared to gold, silver is corroded more easily. If rinsing and polishing can’t produce satisfactory results, it could be necessary to use special cleaning fluid. Apply the fluid with soft toothbrush and gently scrub the jewellery. Use chamois cloth to polish the jewellery.

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